Monday, April 30, 2007

Lampe Berger


Holy lot, some of you might not have heard of it but for those who have, I hope you have found out about the truth. I don't really care how much good it does for your health (so they claim)

It's actually a type of aromatherapy thingy. I believe that initially it was really meant to be a healing product of some sort but when it came to Asia, it transformed itself into a MLM (Multi-level Marketing a.k.a. scam, ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme) machine. Remember Amway or Cosway? Let's hope Elken not turn into one either.

My mom tried putting one in my room when I had difficulty breathing or my allergy (which I found out was actually hayfever) hit.


Even my mom stopped using it already after discovering that it doesn't work.

To all you lots who are members of the group, I would advise you to pullout as far as possible. Forget about the money you put in, there's no way you could get that back now. And please stop all those unethical pulling of new members. You're actually destroying their life for all you know it.

There are a few blogs you can read:
The last I heard there were 2 big issues:
  • Lampe Berger was listed on the Securities Commission's list (Investor Alert issued in fact) and taken out shortly after that.
  • I heard the latest scam is for a member to pay a certain amount (on top of RM30k+) and they would be enrolled in a twinning programme with some college in Australia. Upon completion can get some diploma of some sort.

There are of course noteworthy things to take form here:
  • Their marketing strategy is perfect, and they aim people's greed and emotions. I would say it's the most powerful persuasion marketing technique ever.

If you still wonder why I say this is a scam, consider this:
  • What kind of business promises you that you would earn 6-figure salaries within a short period?
  • What kind of business makes money with a product that doesn't garner as much revenue to pay for those 6-figure salaries?

If you really want to donate these people, you might as well donate it to me to fund Project MORSEHack. I can personally guarantee you that you will never see your money ever again (same with Lampe Berger) but at least you know that your money will be put to good use for the next generation. Treat it as charity ok?

So readers, be smart or be f**ked. Ok? No other way.

Sheesh Lampe Berger.

I challenge you Lampe Berger, come sue me for defamation and let's make this a big court case.


TenthOfMarch said...

Wow, I didn't know you were doing two posts. LOL.

Hey, I've heard of this Lampe Berger thing some time ago. If my memory doesn't fail me, I've read that their "oils"/products can be bought over the Internet (or some place) for very cheap, but are sold many many times the original price.

It's tough to ask people to pull out from scams, especially if they're so "brainwashed" with it. I still see agloco affiliate links in one or two blogs. Hopefully this "message" can be sent out to them to show them the truth.

anthraxxxx said...

So far I've fucked more than 20 fuckers who approached me with this scam. Excluding the number friendships I broke. Not worth keeping friends who manipulates their relationship with me in order to market their scam. They called me a loser for thinking otherwise lol

Boss Lepton said...

Kelwin: Hmmm buy it fr very cheap? Haven't heard of that yet but I can tell u it didn't work a bit for me. Vitamins supplement works better. And Agloco? The last time they did something, it was AllAdvantage and it Sucks. I had bugs running all over my PC.

Anthraxx: Sigh.... that's y they call it the unethical business. They have to con their friends and relatives to bail themselves out? Nah...... let them stay in there and dream if they want to. One day they will wake up(with nothing)

Shireen K said...

shit really ? damn my mom kena tipu-ed dy

Boss Lepton said...

lady boss: yes your mom kena tipu-ed already, lucky she didn't join member, did she?

freethinker said...

wow... season of catching scams ? Yesterday alone, I got 5 emails from french ppl on Bank of Africa again... bastards.

hcfoo said...

Just like Anthraxxxx, I broke off frienships too because they kept on approaching me of this product. Fakkk this Lampe Berger.

bubbly soda said...

Those people that go around scamming... they will get their ass whooped one day la. For people that does good with the root of all evil will be blessed!

These people are horrible. how could they scam ppl's hard earned money. What kind of heart they have man... eeyer!!!

anthraxxxx said...
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anthraxxxx said...

This is a comment I left in Anti LB a year ago. Felt like sharing my experiences and sparring session against these SYNNERS with you guys. So here goes:-

In one of my LamPah Berger experience, a friend tricked me by asking me out for a drink. When i arrived at the mamak stall, i saw 9 of them (including my friend) wearing black suits and i immediately felt fishy. Must be the matrix thing. Anyway 9 of them tried to talk me out. Most of them are my friend's upline. The generation of uplines spans from his upline to his ancestor's upline. God knows how many uplines he has. And recently, i have another friend with this MGM International crap is trying his luck on me.

But allow me tell you the stupidity part of these SYN (Steven Yeap Network) suckers. On one occasion where I was spending my holiday at a local resort, i was approached by a group of SYN drones. Apparently they were there for some motivational cum brainwashing camp. After few minutes of bullshitting session with them (there were few hot babes in their team, you see), one of the idiotic SYN drones with a bandage wrapped on his arm arrogantly said this to me. "Even with one arm injured, i am enthusiastic enough to carry on with my business. No injury will deter me from achieving my dreams. Compare to financial freedom, my injury is nothing", as he claims. But i rejected them anyway.

Few hours later while walking around in the resort, i saw the very same "injured" guy again. But he was not aware of my presence. This time, there was a difference from what I've seen in him few hours ago. He was not on his arm bandage and he was swinging his arm like nobody's business. I walked in front of him and sarcastically said "looks like you have severe injuries on your arm and your head as well, eh?" He was shocked as if he saw a ghost. Apparently I'm scarier than Ju-On. The expression on his face was priceless.

Boss Lepton said...

freethinker: always got a few everyday 1 la.

hcfoo: sigh..... sad case right? Problem is they wouldn't listen to you too.

melly: they're just a bit psyched into it ler.

anthraxx: HAHAHAH priceless, hit them where it hurt the most LOL.

cindy said...

Thank goodness I was never into this Lampe Berger thingy. :D

A.C. Luthus said...

The problem is not the product, the problem is human greed, lies & MLM.
Lampe Berger is not a 'miracle product'; it's a pretty piece of glass & an air freshener/ catalytic burner.
Humans -are- the problem. I like the original, french-manufactured Lampe that I bought at a thrift store for $7, and 91% alcohol with a drop or 2 of essential oils.
Any product can be 'pimped'. Don't knock the object for what it's been (mis)used for.
Gullible people will usually always be exactly that.