Thursday, April 19, 2007

A smack in the face for MORSEHack?

It seems that Microsoft has finally move in their attempt to capture the growing market in emerging economies. The latest of its move is to introduce $3 Windows-Office bundle which comes with a small catch.

In order to be eligible, governments must pick up at least half the tab for the PC, though the software can also be used on refurbished computers, which can cost as little as $50, Microsoft said.

A smack in the face for project MORSEHack I would say. But then again, if it could benefit the community, we wouldn't mind using microsoft products. Problem is, it still costs money even though it's a mere RM10 per PC. And we need government's backing too, sigh Dato Seri Hishammudin, you hear that?

So Microsoft Malaysia, any statements if Malaysians would benefit from this?
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April 19th, 2007

Microsoft’s Linux defense: $3 Windows-Office bundle in emerging markets

Microsoft can't afford to have open source software dominate emerging markets–or it's growth is toast. The solution: $3 Windows for governments to give away.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates outlining a plan to provide low-costs bundles of Office and Windows to governments, who in theory would load these on PCs for students to use.

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