Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Likes and dislikes about Pak Lah

It is difficult to tell whether an average Malaysian likes their elected prime minister, since there are so many reports that the last general elections was rigged in one way or another. Ask anybody standing in Midvalley or KLCC whether they think that the Prime Minister is doing a good job and most probably they'll tell you that "I think he's not doing a bad job, just that something has to be done about the crime rates".

You see, a regular rakyat's perception of the performance of the government rests upon 2 major things:
  • How wealthy they feel now?
  • How safe they feel now?
Notice how the inflation rate, GDP, unemployment rate means nothing to a regular rakyat. Also, take note that I use the word "feel" instead of "are".

In both cases, I think Pak Lah has done a pretty good job at telling the rakyat the country is prospering. I don't deny that Malaysia is indeed growing at a good pace, it's just not as good as how Pak Lah claims it to be. Remember this?
If you can't read it, it says "Malaysia's Total Trade Breaks 1 Trillion Ringgit Mark for First Time in 2006". There have been several analysis on the wrongs in this report, interested reader can refer to Jeff Ooi's explanation here.

As for the law enforcement side, there's the Bernama's report yesterday on Pak Lah waging war against all criminals. Good call I have to say, but we're still waiting to see some actions. Mat rempits still crowding your neighbourhood?

So there are things I like and dislike about Pak Lah. Even in a news article I could point out the things I like and dislike about him. Take for example The Star's article today.
4 matters are raised here:
  1. VW chairman still not turning up to meet Pak Lah for negotiations over Proton.
  2. Proposal to register bloggers.
  3. Difficulties faced by Malaysians obtaining visas to Saudi Arabia.
  4. Sarawak CM's allegations.
Here are the matters and my comments:
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said yesterday that he could not be “waiting forever” for the Volkswagen chairman to meet him to discuss the possible partnership with Proton.
I dislike him using the national media to send a message to VW. If you want to know whether they are still interested, phone VW up yourself and confirm if they are still interested.

On the proposal to get bloggers in the country to register with the authorities, Abdullah said this needed careful study to ensure such a ruling could be implemented.

I obviously dislike this. This move would be futile and it would waste a lot of taxpayers' money for obvious reasons. If you still don't get it, it doesn't take a blogger 5 minutes to re-register and transfer his website to a new host outside the country. You and I know that this is not good for the economy and the web-hosting companies in Malaysia right?

On another matter, Abdullah said the Government was waiting for feedback from Saudi Arabia on the difficulties faced by Malaysians in obtaining visas to perform their umrah.

This is one side of Pak Lah I would love to see more often. The "do something good for the country" side. At least he's still doing something to improve the rakyat's welfare.

On the Japan Times report that implicated Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud in a scandal allegedly involving RM32mil in kickbacks paid by Japanese shipping companies for timber from Sarawak, Abdullah said he was not aware of such a matter.

How can you not be aware of such a matter? If it were to happen to one of the ministers in the UK, there would be full-flown investigation. At least make an effort to tell us that you're going to conduct some investigation on this matter. Or is it that you do not plan to do so?

So there you have it, the likes and dislikes about a PM in just one article.

Do you like Pak Lah? Looks like I can only find out about this in the next general election.


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  2. Wage All-out War On Criminals Similar To Communist Insurgency - PM, Bernama, 5 April 2007.
  3. VW chief yet to turn out for meeting, Jane Ritikos, The Star, 10 April 2007.


WilsonC said...

Mmm.. don't like him.

I don't like his attitude towards a lot issues. I don't like how he goes "don't question... let us do our job" etc...

He seems like the person who on the outside seems very calm and collected but on the inside is very confused, unsure of his priorities. And in a way, this guy is a bit twisted.

But yea...thats my personal opinion.

Boss Lepton said...

how so when u said twisted?

i think he said don't question when somebody raise some racial issues again. you and i know that raising that issue won't do us any good right?

WilsonC said...

Not questioning leads to more problems in the long run no? He literally cuts off the problem with that remark rather than address it. The problem will still be there festering into something more foul. And I don't think his "don't question" statements are limited to just the racial issues.

Twisted...mm... I don't really know how to explain...

Boss Lepton said...

Hahaha, manipulative u meant to say. To some extent I have to agree with you. It must be the country's No.1 son-in-law being the spindoctor in most cases.