Monday, April 23, 2007

Ijok phantoms

According to RPK of Malaysia-Today, BN will WIN the by-election in Ijok, by hooks or by crooks.

I've been talking to several people on what they think will happen in Ijok. Most of the answers I was given is "50:50". It seems that even BN with all its "buy election" campaign still can't muster enough muscle power to win the election easily. Someone might want to explain how PKR can garner that much support within such a short period.

Word has it that it's not that KeADILan has been gaining popularity in Ijok, this switch in popularity owes itself to some issues concerning the local BN leaders in the Ijok constituency.

The main issue these few days is Anwar Ibrahim going all out on Najib. That is the headline in Malaysiakini(sorry I still don't subscribe to Malaysiakini, maybe somebody in MK wanna give me a subscription?). With all the VCD distributing, he has nothing to lose while Najib has ALL to lose and nothing to gain.

Najib: How about doing some cost-benefits analysis with your political adviser on how you're gonna approach this ok? Oh wait I'm sorry..... your previous adviser is in quite deep shit himself.

Here it is then, BN going all out and pulling out all the arsenal to get Ijok in control.

We have at least 2 voters who are 107 years old, with a few more in other pages which can be seen in MT. This must be a record, so many 107 year olds staying near each other, I tell you they must have some secret to eternal youth kept there. Guiness world book of records here Ijok comes.

Also check out this voter borned in 1999, he's younger than my little cousins.

This really takes the word "phantom voters" to another level. We have very old and very young voters. Hello, you wan phantom voters, make their profiles a bit more normal la, sheesh amateurs.

Also, words on the street also has it that the General Elections will be held much later than planned. It was originally planned that the GE would be held some time just after hari raya aidilfitri. But since BN is suddenly faced with an unexpected by-election, they've spent way too much(remember RM36 million?) on this one alone. Also, remember that a big chunk (RM10 million) comes from the Ministry of Works, meaning Samy vellu's department, he has to regroup and reallocate the funds to ensure he's re-elected again?

Don't believe me? Well, it's your choice.


Found somemore, here are some screenshots, courtesy of SPR Malaysia here.


Anonymous said...

Good one!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah!! So old still can vote arrr???

Boss Lepton said...

hehehehe abo then, that's the lure of staying within the corridors of power.