Wednesday, September 22, 2004

there's nothing like an ulcer and cough when your tail-bone hurts

YES ITS TRUE. I HAVE PAIN UP MY ASS. not inside though.. just.. right above my butthole and it could very well be my bloody tail bone. damnit. been taking pain killers for the past few days and no improvement.. might have to go for bloody CT scan.

so how's everything? quah's licsense got suspended and i'm not there for him to whack. william's sister got herself a lovely i-pod which i'm sure william will be tempted to steal and use it to impress UOL friends..

where's thean? bon? havent heard from those fuckers.

and FUCK MAN UTD. wanna beat liverpool, beat lah!! dont go hurting Gerrard just because you cant have him. splash your worthless money all over an over-rated player like Rooney lah!! GREAT! super dumbasses... brains-in-backside....

Monday, September 13, 2004

Once upon a time in tiny Penang island...........

................there was this guy named Quah. He was a tourist there, like every other pretty tourists from different country who come to visit Penang island. But there's a significant difference between Quah and them, they came to see, Quah went to eat. Oh yes, unlike other tourists, Quah knows where to find the good food. You see, Quah came from this tiny little town in a very Northern state called Alor Star. And it so happens that people up north have only two options when they want to shop. They either proceed to a more northern city through the Thai gates (where u probably and most likely bribe your way through the customs) called Haadyai or retrieve south to Penang island. Trust me there's nothing in Sungai Petani on the way other than clay-pot rice and a Tesco. Haadyai is a heaven, but this story is about Penang so let's save Haadyai for some other time.

As told by Quah's stupid friend William, Quah took up Tiah's stupid advice and called his posse to go on a road trip to Penang. Then, signs that something bad was going to happen on the eve of them leaving for Penang. The car accelerator pedal got jammed when Quah was on his way back home from his friend's house with his posse in Alor Star. He had to stomp on the brakes so that the car doesn't bang into another car. Mind you it's a BMW 3.28i so you guess the acceleration with the pedal on full. He swerved the car to the side of the road and immediately switched off the engine before bending over to pull the pedal up. Phew.............STRIKE 1

On the 2nd night, when Quah and his posse were doing their routine trip to checkout the clubbing areas in search of chiobus, they were stopped by police. At first, the police said something was wrong with the road tax label and the expiry year wasn't clear. Then he proceed with asking for Quah's driving license. By then another police came over with a torch to check the road tax label, its still legal, Boo to the 1st police. Clearly, he wanted to find a fault, but being good citizens, Quah and his posse even showed him their ICs when asked. Phew.............STRIKE 2

Quah and his posse woke up at around 2 on the 3rd day, as usual. That was to be their last day in Penang. How can a trip to Penang be complete without eating laksa in Penang? So they got into the car and drove to Ayer Hitam(Near Penang Hill and Pagoda) for laksa. It was around 3pm when they got to Ayer Hitam. As usual, when Quah's hungry and he knows that parking was hard to find, he tried to park at the 1st empty spot upon entering Ayer Hitam. Luck wasn't on his side when suddenly as he was turning, a motorcycle banged into him. "The motorcyclist spinned twice in the air and landed across the drain before banging into some steps," Quah said after the incident. He stopped his car, went down and told one of his friend to call the ambulance. Quah thought the guy was dead. Guess what? He wasn't, But his left foot was injured. OK so that was STRIKE 3, YOU'RE OUT. They brought that injured guy to the clinic and then Quah remembered that they were there for laksa.

"laksa sa pow, kak tow geng, ee eh laksa hoon tui ki lai siang ka sua eh," Quah told one of his posse. (3 packets of laksa, the corner shop, where the laksa noodle is piled up like a mountain) The shop was closed that day...................Strike 3 and you're FIRED!!!! fuck..........

That night they were eating in Kuala Perlis. Eating in 3 different states in a day, now how cool was that?

Back in Business

Alas, after a long vacation in a very northern part of Malaysia, I've returned to KL. And thus this blog has been revived(It still isn't dead is it?) Anyway it's 1/4 to 1 midnight and I'm not gonna give 2 shits about my broken english or watever that follows. Sure enough I have stories to tell and photos to share, and maybe a few advice for ANYBODY travelling to PENANG. Let's face it, it's just a screwed up island with nothing but girls who knows how to dress up, and stupid drivers, and TIAH, and a long bridge, and nice clubbing spots, and good food.............................

.................oh wait, so penang has lots of things, my bad.