Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Taking some time off from reading the wonderful Norwegian Wood, which turns out to be quite a love novel, I would like to tlak about the headline of the week.

Uncle Jeff joins DAP

Everybody in the blogging world knows that.
Everybody who reads newspaper in Malaysia knows that.
Subsequently, everybody in BN knows that, I smell trouble for them.
I think those boys from the 3rd or 4th floor are smelling smoke and they are rushing for the fire extinguisher.

If you ask me who I would vote for during the next election, XXX or Jeff Ooi, my answer is Uncle Jeff.

At least he lets me know his political thinking and how he intends to tackle political issues. Unlike the incumbent, they have the power of money on their side, Jeff has instilled that certain trust among his readers. Love him or hate him, you gotta praise his guts for taking matters head on.

The timing of this is perfect. Certainly it would set the government back if they were planning the General Election before National Day. Jeff's in the hot seat now and it would not be wise to rush things, agree (3rd/4th floor boys)? Unless you are willing to sacrifice like a seat to the opposition. Not too much harm? Think again.

Until then let's see how things unfold. I've just seen some news flying around in The Star a few days ago about the rulers of the country having to abuse their powers to detain people at their pleasure. Another constitutional crisis started by UMNO? It was a quick update on The Star but I couldn't find the same news on the paper the same day, conspiracy?

Update me if you have seen that news or heard anything like that.

p.s. Kai Yan n Kelwin, Good to be back.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Go down if you're not going up

Watch your comments in your blog, because the police are starting to catch bloggers.

When your dad tells you that, you know things are turning sour, so it's getting bad or even rotten. The big talk recently is that RPK was arrested(or called in for a statement) by the police. One wonders where this is all heading?

Ideally, as a country we should be going up and only up. Instead, I see us going around in circles. Don't get what I mean?

First, RPK vs those in the corridors of power. Then they strike back at him. Then he strike back at them. Then they bash him again. When RPK said he won round one, in fact there were already hundreds of round fought. Well, so who will win this 1?

Personally I want RPK(on one side of the ring) to win and I think he is going to win. He has thrown everything away just to get some action with those he loath, and when you're at the bottom, pushing you won't make you drop further. On the other side of the ring, the PM has everything to lose, personally I think this is a rather stupid move by him, why make a big fuss? Now all eyes are on you and game on.

Let's watch. In the meantime, I won't be reading what happens until we have some conclusions. Instead, I've bought a copy of Norwegian Woods(挪威的森林) by Haruki Murakami(上村春树) which I hope will keep me entertained. It's been a long while since I've read a chinese novel(translated from japanese) and I want to enjoy it.