Saturday, June 16, 2007

Social entrepreneurrrrrrssssssss

I came across this news on The Star which is aimed at social entrepreneurs. It says:

Young entrepreneurs who have businesses with social causes, here’s your chance to pitch for funding from international organisations later this year.
Striking isn't it? Does MORSEHack qualify for this? It probably needs a better name, any suggestions?

The criterias according to the article are:
  • those below 30 years old
  • have revenue-generating enterprises that benefit the community
  • use information and communication technologies (ICT) widely
Not too sure about the revenue-generating part but definitely the benefit the community part. Also, ICT is the core of MORSEHack isn't it? This all looks so tempting, doesn't it?

  1. Social entrepreneurs get chance to pitch for funding, The Star, 16 June 2007.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Not so boring Mr Woo

Another one of boringest's not-so-boring links. This 1 I am truly amazed at, even my engineering friends said this put them to shame. Such dedication.

I'd say, Honda, please, just go sign this fella on contract to help build the best robots ever. Sheesh

Enjoy the video, WATCH IT I TELL YOU, you wouldn't regret it.

Be amazed, be very amazed.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Biofuels again?

I hate going down the stupid line of people arguing that biofuels are efficient etc etc. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is NOT efficient at all.

The thing with biofuel is that it is supposed to be a petroleum replacement, and like everything that can replace petrol, it has to function like petrol, i.e. emit all those unwanted gases.

5 myths debunked in this website. (Remember all these are FALSE beliefs)
  1. Biofuels are clean and protect the environment.
  2. Biofuels do not cause deforestation.
  3. Biofuels allow for rural development.
  4. Biofuels do not cause starvation.
  5. Biofuels of the "second generation" are within reach.
Thanks to boringest for provinding those boring links.

So IOI, better rethink your strategy. And government of Malaysia, please consider again when you want to open more lands for oil palm plantation.

BTW, Pak Lah was quite knowledged when he tried to explain that oil palm is the tree and palm oil is the oil, not bad, but does he realise it was the IAP conference he was talking in? That explains why the likes of Bill Gates is never ever gonna show himself in these kind of conferences.

Weird eh, considering it's a meeting to discuss about IT issues. Haha, maybe he was fantasizing about his marriage already then :P

Are you kidding me?

For those who haven't heard the news (which should be on the front page of every mainstream newspaper in Malaysia), Pak Lah is "finally" getting married. RPK was right, and we know it. Nonetheless, I wish them both a happy marriage. Maybe this is the thing we need into the political scene, someone who could make Pak Lah look at correct direction instead of being led around by the No.1 son-in-law.


On another note, the news that caught my eye is this.

Studying under a street lamp........ that's a first. A good move by MIC and I applaud that.

Hey, it's not easy to have to walk 7 kilometers to school everyday ok? Ask yourself, do you find walking around One Utama or Midvalley in the weekend tiring? And that's for your own pleasure as well.

Community message

Moral of the day, the next time you feel an urge to buy some "more" new clothings, think about what you are going to do with your old ones. Give them away to charity or sell it off, make sure it goes to the right people who really needs these cash which you consider to be "extra".

Monday, June 04, 2007

Russia vs US part 1

Freaking exam, shits shits shits. Sigh sometimes I ponder what's the point of exam, but without it who bothers studying anyway?

3 down, 2 more to go, hardcore studying underway.

This update is just to alert you about something interesting I saw today on

I'm not joking. This must be on the headlines of every major newspaper in the world, in particular in the US. Stay tuned for more Putin action.

Wondering what missiles the Russian have? (Btw, do you know Malaysia have our missiles targeted at Singapore? Hahahaha)

Check this website out. So far, Putin wants to target US bases in Europe. So it should be under Air-to-Surface, Surface-to-Surface (Naval), and Surface-to-Surface (tactical). Not bad right??? Wait for World war 3....... already waging with me against the exam.

Bomb you.