Monday, June 04, 2007

Russia vs US part 1

Freaking exam, shits shits shits. Sigh sometimes I ponder what's the point of exam, but without it who bothers studying anyway?

3 down, 2 more to go, hardcore studying underway.

This update is just to alert you about something interesting I saw today on

I'm not joking. This must be on the headlines of every major newspaper in the world, in particular in the US. Stay tuned for more Putin action.

Wondering what missiles the Russian have? (Btw, do you know Malaysia have our missiles targeted at Singapore? Hahahaha)

Check this website out. So far, Putin wants to target US bases in Europe. So it should be under Air-to-Surface, Surface-to-Surface (Naval), and Surface-to-Surface (tactical). Not bad right??? Wait for World war 3....... already waging with me against the exam.

Bomb you.

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Freethinker said...

HHAA...I'm first...

Malaysia headline is not.. Bahasa Malayu change to Malaysia... guess coz Putin won't aim us..