Thursday, June 07, 2007

Biofuels again?

I hate going down the stupid line of people arguing that biofuels are efficient etc etc. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is NOT efficient at all.

The thing with biofuel is that it is supposed to be a petroleum replacement, and like everything that can replace petrol, it has to function like petrol, i.e. emit all those unwanted gases.

5 myths debunked in this website. (Remember all these are FALSE beliefs)
  1. Biofuels are clean and protect the environment.
  2. Biofuels do not cause deforestation.
  3. Biofuels allow for rural development.
  4. Biofuels do not cause starvation.
  5. Biofuels of the "second generation" are within reach.
Thanks to boringest for provinding those boring links.

So IOI, better rethink your strategy. And government of Malaysia, please consider again when you want to open more lands for oil palm plantation.

BTW, Pak Lah was quite knowledged when he tried to explain that oil palm is the tree and palm oil is the oil, not bad, but does he realise it was the IAP conference he was talking in? That explains why the likes of Bill Gates is never ever gonna show himself in these kind of conferences.

Weird eh, considering it's a meeting to discuss about IT issues. Haha, maybe he was fantasizing about his marriage already then :P


boringest said...

lol..i thought nobody reads my boring links...

Boss Lepton said...

u kidding me? your links are da best, random events truly :D