Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ah........ a place to relax

Yup this place is called home. Not technically home as in home in Malaysia(nor Alor Star for this matter), it's home here in Earlsdon in the middle of a sucky country. Oh sometimes, I wonder why we call this the developed world. Maybe in economic terms, it's the GDP that matters. I mean darn it, how can you call a country where no new houses have been built for the past wat 50 years a developed country? PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK. SHEESH!!! Like William's dad says, UK hasn't changed for the past 50 years and it's not gonna change in the next 50 years either. Sheesh, for somebody's sake, at least at least........ make the pound go down LOL. It's killing us overseas students here. SHEESH SHEESH.

Argh...........finally a place to whine. Anyway how did i ever end up cursing this country? I'm supposed to be relax......argh.........and the yellow light in the room sux. SHEESH.