Wednesday, September 22, 2004

there's nothing like an ulcer and cough when your tail-bone hurts

YES ITS TRUE. I HAVE PAIN UP MY ASS. not inside though.. just.. right above my butthole and it could very well be my bloody tail bone. damnit. been taking pain killers for the past few days and no improvement.. might have to go for bloody CT scan.

so how's everything? quah's licsense got suspended and i'm not there for him to whack. william's sister got herself a lovely i-pod which i'm sure william will be tempted to steal and use it to impress UOL friends..

where's thean? bon? havent heard from those fuckers.

and FUCK MAN UTD. wanna beat liverpool, beat lah!! dont go hurting Gerrard just because you cant have him. splash your worthless money all over an over-rated player like Rooney lah!! GREAT! super dumbasses... brains-in-backside....

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dan said...

you'll never walk alone ~