Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

First of all, I have to claim that I support nuffnang and not advertlets because timothy (a.k.a. Boss Stewie) has been a close friend of mine since god knows when(A levels actually). This is even more so because I believe that I'm the first person my boss(Boss Stewie) told that he has this idea of doing a blog advertising network. And if you don't already know, we did Leng Mou some time ago, although he's the main person updating, I feel shameful.......

Anyway since all these "Nuffnang vs Advertlets" thing started, I've always thought what's the point of having a war? My thought on business is
One slice of a pie not enough?
Bake a bigger pie!
The market is not yet saturated, having puny fights like that isn't gonna do any of you any good. The one laughing would be those mainstream advertisers.

True enough, in every article I've seen about reviews of nuffnang and advertlets, 3 names are sure to pop up in their comments: Timothy, Ming and Josh Lim. Fair enough I say, it is these kind of quick response that would give you the edge in business.

I'm actually quite impressed with how Timothy and Ming have been handling criticisms, if there's any. My uncle once told me that if you want to earn money, do it the right way, don't gamble. While any Investment Banker or Hedge Fund manager would laugh at this comment, it is not untrue that this applies to conventional businesses.

I'm quite tempted to say that nuffnang really gives the juice, providing that type of quality and delivering the promises that they've made. This really is what I call professional. Advertlets on the other hand, might be a bit late, I still wish them all the best for delivering the goods. After all, the ultimate beneficiary in both cases are the bloggers.

I remembered reading James Yeang's interview with both, the first of its type, on comparing both nuffnang and advertlets. I have to say that at that time, it's too early to review both of them, it's quite an eye catcher the topic nonetheless.

One of the things I really dislike about the war of words going on is that advertlets claim that somebody did a DDOS attack on them. While they weren't pointing any fingers at anybody, it's pretty sure that they were indicating that nuffnang is the culprit. From all my years of knowing Timothy, I would never believe that this is the case. Timothy is a guy with integrity and I'm not the only person who thinks so.

On that topic, I hereby declare that if you want to convince me on that, show me the proof, REALLY.

So Advertlets, wondering why nuffnang has so many diehard fans? It's not because that their technology is superior(I do agree with you that using Web 2.0 is superior techonology-wise), it's because that they can trust the people behind nuffnang, namely Tim and Ming. They believe that Tim and Ming are working their asses off just because they can earn some money. They also trust Tim and Ming in having the honesty and integrity to do something professionally.

I once wrote a comment on a blog(forgot which one) that older and being in the business longer doesn't mean more professional. Professionalism is a skill that is acquired, you could dispute this with all the HR managers I've spoken to. By the way, Age discrimination is gaining ground just right behind race discrimination so it's better to use words wisely.

I was particularly curious with a video I saw on TenthofMarch. I believe that Kelvin is impartial when it comes to nuffnang vs advertlets. If any of you wants respect, you have to earn it, not brag about it. To get what I mean, just watch the video.

Enough is said from the video. I'm not going into details nor do I really understand the realy situation.

Once again, I declare that I'm not writing this to bash advertlets and nuffnang. When it comes to business, I'm impartial to both. I merely support nuffnang because it's my friend's company, not to mention that he's one of my closest friend, and we all know that when it comes to friend's company, have to support no matter what.

Again, heed my advice, your competitors should be the mainstream media.
One slice of a pie not enough?
Bake a bigger pie!


James Yeang said...

Why la hotlink :) can download and use via your blogger account mar... anyway that wasn't a review by me... just an outlet for Nuffnang and Advertlets to tell the world what they can offer.

Boss Lepton said...

eh? i dunno how to use, u know all those ppl linking their articles back to yr article with [...] sumthing sumthing

how u do that ar?

TenthOfMarch said...

It's a relief to know that someone still thinks I am unbiased. Josh's attempt to cover up ended pointing his finger at me saying it's possible I made the whole story up just to attract attention to my blog.

I swear I would have ripped off his head from his shoulders if there were no laws in this world.

James Yeang said...

Er.. thats a trackback, but thats not my concern...

Nemind la... i only scared your blog so popular all my bandwidth kena tapau because you put my pic there hehe..

To upload pic on blogger, Just download my pic, then in your blogger say u wanna upload the pic ma...

Interesting piece by both 10th March and yourself I might add.

Jason said...

Totally pwn-ed.

Josh Lim said...

BossLepton: Thanks for a somewhat fair review. You know where our office is, right? You can e-mail me or call me at 012-3119141. Come right over - we'll show you the proof of the DDOS. Serious. While we will stand behind our claim, we don't need to air it to all. I personally don't think its anyone in the Nuffnang company and I will clarify that - but I cannot say its not a random troublemaker, or a fanatical supporter.

What are you talking about age discrimination? I think me, Ming and Timothy are all around the same age - forgive me if I'm wrong. I think that most people think I'm older than I actually am, truth be told I've simply had an earlier start. As for your thoughts on professionalism and trust, I'll leave it as it is, but I hope you're not suggesting that its something we lack. As Josh Lim & Associates has worked with reputable clients, delivered good work, and made a difference over the years, we intend to prove ourselves further. And by putting my own name at stake, I intend the company to have not only innovation, but integrity as well.

Honestly, my line of thinking is around the same lines as your summary, but I think its fair for us to defend ourselves when accused or attacked. And we don't intend to be baited into a fight ourselves, or incite people to. As hard is it might be for some to believe here, me, Tim, and Ming do share some mutual friends (just met up with one of them in fact!), and if Ming takes up my invitation for wine, maybe we can all be friends. I can hear some people laughing in the background, but I have faith that the certain important few of us here are smart enough to see the real threat to our respective businesses. We can all have wine, and eat plenty of pie.

TenthOfMarch: Well, you were very quick and comprehensive in implicating Advertlets, despite the fact that referrers can easily be spoofed and I thought it was only fair to make known another possibility. Free speech, opinion, mean anything to you? Once you found out that your inciendiary reviews of us made your blog more popular, did you not continue to write more on the topic? However, your last sentence says enough about your personality, rabble rouser.

Anyway, I guess you won't be needing access to my website stats where I invited you to check out and verify claims, so I've removed access. Seems you've already decided to choose a bias, which is unfortunate, as I thought you were one of the more balanced reviewers (balanced in the sense of attacking both equally, ironically enough). I guess you won't be taking up on my invitation to the office, but its okay. I like my head on my shoulders, and my feet on the ground.

william said...

din know that such a thing was happening now in the blog advertising world...and that a larger pie may now be needed muahaha ^^

Boss Lepton said...

tenth: i think you're unbiased, just probably the anger that you have about the event triggering some strong response, and i do see that what u're showing is indeed quite true, as in no cheating involved

james: hmmm will look into using that next time.

Josh: haven't meet u personally yet but definitely heard of what you did in the past. I think u did a good job with the Guinness ad. In regards to advertlets and nuffnang, I hope you both look at the bigger picture in how to mature this market and make it profitable.

The age discrimination part was something I've read on on one of the comments in one of the reviews.

Thanx for the offer but sorry to say i cna't make it. I'm still in the UK u see. Anyway I hope both u and nuffnang clear the air up about all those pointing fingers, that's exactly like what the politicians are doing now.

BTW, one of my friends studies in the same college as syuen who works with u. Read his arsyan blog as well :D

TenthOfMarch said...


@Boss Lepton
Anger it is. I will learn to watch my temper in the future.

Russ said...

Hello Boss Lepton.. good blog you have here, me first time visiting..
I too support Nuffnang.. gives great opportunities for local bloggers... :)
But you are right, there should not be all this talk and arguments, should just share the wealth. We are living in an information age, not gangster age! :) Plently of $$ out there to be made if one is enterprising enuff.. :)

Boss Lepton said...

Hello russ