Friday, April 20, 2007

Linux pwnz Vista

Just to make my point, first check out the XGL of Linux working on touch screen.

In your face Vista, and that was something from over a year ago. Let's see the latest in XGL, called Beryl which ships with the latest Linux distros. Here's a video that shows you why I say Linux pwnz Vista, and we're not even talking about security here.

WINDOWS VISTA (AERO) VS LINUX UBUNTU (BERYL) - Click here for more amazing videos

More videos?

Ok the fact is XGL has been available on Linux for the past 2 years while Vista took forever to come up with this. Pwnz Vista BIG TIME! Aero my arse.

Oh if you're thinking I'm going to implement this function in the computers in Project MORSEHack, nah....... the coms won't be able to support the intense graphics.


cindy said...

Mmmm.. you're totally a huge supporter for Linux ar. :P

Lucky I haven't installed a Windows Vista in my Notebook yet.

Boss Lepton said...

hehehehe better not, that's a lot of money paid for very little gains in terms of functions.

Yea cindy i'm a huge linux fan, mainly because I've seen that the grass is really greener on the "other" side