Friday, April 13, 2007

Lai pwn Liou

Again stole a picture from The Star to illustrate my point.
A classical Lai pwnz Liou, BN pwnz DAP situation.

If you have trouble understanding the meaning of pwn, here is an explanation from wikipedia:
The slang term Pwn (see pronunciation note below), used primarily in the Internet gaming culture, means to soundly defeat an opponent.
In my words, pwn means to "properly own".

And that is what happened, with the votes counted here at Elizabeth's blog. While here is an analysis by freelunch2020 on the Machap by-elections. If you're lazy to browse over, here're the numbers:
BN - 5536 5533
DAP - 1449 1452
Spoilt - 156 166 (wth does spoilt mean?)

Let's see, MCA wins by a milder margin? In statistics, we have a term for that, and that is "not significantly different". Why? there's always room for errors and randomness.

I'll list the reasons freelunch2020 gave on why MCA won:
  1. Damn high rubber and oil palm prices.
    It's not surprising at all. One of my friends who went to live with a family in a Felda estate on a homestay programme told me that before the trip, they were expecting to wake up early in the morning and live the lives of a rubber tapper. You know what they had for dinner? Abalone, I bet that most of you don't even get to eat abalone outside New Years celebrations. So no complains here, with Oil Palm being no.1 export, shortage for rubber shoots its price up, ask Tony Pua for his opinions on this. We all need rubber tyres don't we?
  2. Super-power by-election development budget
    Nothing fantastic to hooha about also. How much you want to bet that the sources of the money comes from either:
    • Donations
    • Tax Payers' money
    • Profits from VCD selling?
  3. Entertainment + makan sessions
    They even showed this on mainstream newspaper. Illegal I know, nothing you can do about it. You can either worry about this or more serious corruption cases going on.
  4. Campaigning for only 10 days?
    What you mean is that for the candidates to fulfil their promises? No can do, if in the UK they don't fulfil their promises, the next election they're out. That's the end of their political careers, no second chance(unless there's a REALLY good explanation for that) anywhere. This all depends on the voters whether they would like to believe on empty promises too. Then again, can DAP fulfil their promises as well?
  5. Allegations of money politics
    Hey they can even do that to sabotage Tun Mahathir already, what's the weird thing if it happens to someone of a lesser influence?
I don't see this as reasons for DAP's failure at all. As Lim Keng Yaik said, "I don't like the word Best Effort". If you did your best effort and can't deliver, then something must be wrong.

If you're a DAP supporter and reading this, I'm not against DAP in any ways. To me, I just don't see any point in voters voting for someone when there's a tried and true party working for them. Look how their lives have improved, isn't that the biggest reason why MCA won?

DAP: you seriously have to rethink your position. Bashing the government won't work as well if you cannot prove that you are able to do a better job then the current coalition. The whole ideology which you possess is really confusing. Uncle Lim still dreams of preventing BN to hold 2/3rds majority, that's quite unrealistic right? What we need now is a real opponent, with a true ideology which all Malaysians can trust(such as meritocracy?). Until then, you have to accept the fact that you will lose no matter how much effort you put in.

Seriously, you've been trying for so many years now and still can't win, something must be changed. Get innovative, think for the country, the big picture. This is only the prelude to the general elections, I really hope to see some really promising progress by then from the oppositions.

No matter how much I've thought about it, no matter how corrupted it is right to the core, no matter what underhand tactics they use, BN as I see it clearly offers the better package for all Malaysians with its multicultural components. Remember, multicultural is the key.

Random phrase of the day: "Real gold not scared of fierce fire - 真金不怕红炉火" (Forgive me for the shabby translation, I can't think right at this hour of the day)

p.s. congratulations to Lai on winning. Liou: don't take it too hard, as long as you work for the rakyat, they'll realise it, seriously action speaks louder than words.

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