Monday, April 23, 2007

An apple a day keeps the doctor away......

....... and it keeps your parents happy too.

I tried peeling an apple like so today -------->

I have to admit that using a knife to peel apple is indeed harder and slower than using a peeler. That was when I thought of how my mum, grandma or aunt peeled apple for me when I was younger. In fact, now even when I'm back at home they would do the same thing if there aren't any maid around.

Since I'm a lot older now, I think it's my turn to peel apples for them. Too bad I'm all the way in the UK now.

But YOU (yes you who are reading this) should get your bottom off the chair and walk to the fridge now to get some apples, wash them clean and start peeling them. Then, slice and remove its seeds before giving it to your parents(and grandparents). Trust me, it's not that hard and it will barely take 5 minutes of your time.

When was the last time you did this? I hope it's an answer other than "never". So start moving now and I'll assure you, they will be happy.

p.s. to reward yourself, get an extra apple and eat it yourself, keeps you healthy and helps lose weight you know?


Jason said...

My mum prefers durian! :D And there's no way you can peel a durian like an apple.

Rabbit said...

I did that.. er.. last week? Haha!

But I am not good in peeling apples with knife leh. Always cut myself. Mom also no eyes see me already. HAha!

Boss Lepton said...

hahah you both no need to sleep 1 ar?

jason: then get go get some durian ler hehehe. Funny.... i think my mom likes mango..... mango hard to peel leh

rabbit: Well then use a peeler la hehhehe. good for you then i also hope i'll peel an apple for my mum when i'm back.

cindy said...

I'd normally serve them the apple with the skin still intact. LOL!

Boss Lepton said...

cindy: hehehe some people like it that way.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Bossy!! My house no apple wan. But I got a brunch of barnana. I just couldn't peel the barnana & give it to them.It just some how don't feel right.To my lover yes I did that sometime. Anyway I will buy some apple & peel it & pass to my parent next time I buy apple.

Boss Lepton said...

yes hor ny that would make your parents happy too. :D