Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wonder why Proton is in trouble?

Here's a fairly good reason why it hasn't been receiving a lot of good reviews. Take Top Gear's opinion on this, and I have to say this is very objective, unlike the infamous "Jeremy Clarkson bash Kelissa" video.

Now probably somebody would like to inform the Proton R&D department to take some tips from this video. That extra security feature could actually improve Proton's rating in other countries. We are talking about people's lives here and Malaysia is notorious to having one of the highest accident rates in the region.

Also, I have an opinion that Proton needs a major rebranding. It has to rethink its strategies not only in how it wants to build cars, it has to think of the how to convince the buyers they are getting value for their money. From what I've been seeing, it's no longer producing cars for the commoner in Malaysia, as that title should go to Perodua. What they should instead be doing is building a better car, in terms of design, functions, efficiency, and most importantly safety.

They should just snap out of talking bullshit in the media and get down to action. It is the unspoken rule of business(or in fact anything except entertainment biz) that action speaks louder than word. With this, Proton might in fact be saved once again. Make or break, it's getting critical the situation they're in.

Still wondering why are there so many fatal accidents in Malaysia?


anthraxxxx said...

Knowing the nature of the Malaysian Government and the Corporation itself, they'll probably say Proton has been given "unfair" treatment and start shouting Waja (was it waja?) is a bloody good car again.

Boss Lepton said...

hehehe, they should take the cue though. It's about time we needed a boost and a vote of confidence in Malaysian products. We have to really show Malaysia Boleh.

"unfair" treatment excuse should not work anymore. We all know that protons are milo tins

bubbly soda said...

lol! malaysia is good at recycling for the wrong reason. (milo tins)

Well, they need to stop whining and start working. No wonder so many people mati with that car.

anthraxxxx said...

Even my 1990 Nissan Sunny is much stronger than the 2006 tin milo model.

Boss Lepton said...

melly: couldn't agree more, it's kinda frustrating to see car crashes and the worst is to see that the car is deformed.

anthraxxxx: nissan sunny is hard ler, can be quite dangerous too. The key word here is "transfer of energy from impact", I think modern cars at least has to be good at doing that.

Jason said...

I'm using Nissan Sunny also, you know. :D

Andy said...

That's the second that that I've seen that video floating in the Malaysian blogosphere. My only gripe with it is that it seems to have conveniently left out the last car, which happened to fare the worst out of the four crashed cars.

Can you guess what car it is?

The British-made Range Rover.

Boss Lepton said...

jason: glad to hear u're driving a safer car(i think)

andy: is that so? Don't really care, it's still toyota that is setting the standards in the auto industry. But if it's really range rover, ho ho ho Booooo 9 the british

TenthOfMarch said...

That is the common Malaysian attitude. Sorry, but if some of us Malaysians don't change our attitude and mindset, things won't change.

It's normal to see companies rushing for delivery time, and boasting on their product features (cheaper, design, etc). Things like research on design safety will almost never take place.

In their eyes...such safety features add no 'value' to their product. The average buyer will never know the lack of safety it has. Of course, unless someone decides to crash the car in some concrete wall, like the one into the video.

(sorry...many many puns intended -- if you know what I mean)

Boss Lepton said...

hehehe kelwin, i'm perfectly clear what u're implying. Let's keep the context within Proton, because this is surely one company that will impact(pun intended) all Malaysians.

anthraxxxx said...

‘‘Kini apa yang kita lihat jualan kereta Proton semakin merosot dan terdapat banyak lambakan dan ini menyebabkan Proton mengalami kerugian. Daripada kita membiarkan Proton mengalami kerugian, lebih baik kita berbuat sesuatu untuk menyelamatkan kereta nasional kita,’’ --> Quote of the day.

Once again they want their cronies to survive at the expense of many Malaysians.


Boss Lepton said...

anthraxxx: they just don't learn do they?