Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Told you so

Race to the bottom it is!

Remember the last time when I blogged about Fu-Yoh!, which is Digi's new plan. Here comes TM's response in the form of Celcom. I tell you don't play play with TM, they have all the artilleries to fire back at you.


My next bet is for someone to offer unlimited sms for a set price, not very profitable, but in this market it's all about market share not profitability. Let's RACE TO THE BOTTOM!!!


cindy said...

Heh, when will they stop competing each other? :D

Boss Lepton said...

cindy: that's like asking a person who has been walking all his life to suddenly stop walking and start crawling


Anonymous said...

dun worry, they wont go bankrupt. competition is good. good for user :p

Boss Lepton said...

Of course they won't go bankrupt, govt will bail them out, coz so many jobs involved, suddenly unemployment lee shoot up how?