Friday, April 06, 2007

Asia's Richest Woman

So what if you are Asia's richest woman? Nina Wang worths a whooping US$4bn according to the report. I'm a very sceptical person when it comes to declaring a person's value, particularly in Malaysia where a lot of the rich are not in the rich list because they don't list their companies in the public stock exchange. Even so, nobody should doubt that Nina Wang has a lot of fortune.

We all know the story about how her husband was mysteriously abducted a few years before he was pronounced dead *officially*. It's a drama I tell you.

After his death, Nina fought against her father-in-law for the fortune of her deceased husband. Initially she lost the battle and the fortune was awarded to her father-in-law, on the basis that she forged her husband's will.

We all know the rest of the story, when in 2005 the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal overturned the verdict in her favour. How she managed to convince the court, I don't know, but it was a hell of a ride for snatching the fortune.

Also another thing I found amusing when I read this article is this:

Ms Wang’s culinary preferences were similarly unpredictable. She and her late husband were reputed to entertain guests at McDonald’s, an unusual choice of eatery for Hong Kong’s super-rich. Filets-O-Fish were her favourite. [Source:]
Believe it or not? That's what I call thrifty, or rather kiam siap. Nonetheless, they managed to build that empire with this, so there must be some truth in it. Another couple in the class of Ingvar Kamprad.

As they say, money knows no owner.

But then again, they also say you can't bring your money into your grave. RIP Nina.

p.s. Fight for 6 years, spend money for 1 year plus, GAME OVER.

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