Friday, April 13, 2007

Fear the worst

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In the meantime, let's start the show. Starting with our very first high profile resignation.
Sabah's DCM has handed in his resignation.

Question of principle, Tan Sri Chong? How much has this to do with Musa Aman's alleged corruption practices? Only he himself would know the answer for that.

So what next, you ask? I don't know, a few issues that would be the key for the next few months:
  • Sarawak's CM Abdul Taib Mahmud's corruption allegations.
  • Johari Baharum's corruption charges.
  • Razak Baginda's trials.
  • Zulkipli Mat Noor's corruption charges.
  • Musa Hassan's war against all the corrupted "leaders".
  • Sabah's CM Musa Aman's corruption practices and whether anybody would take action against it.
Razak Baginda's case is not a corruption case you say? MT gave an alternative explanation on Razak Baginda's case. The relationship between him and Altantuya is actually not a romantic one but one of business. It relates to the purchase of Sukhoi submarine incident a few years ago. Apparently Altantuya wanted the money to be paid off to some "other party".

So why so many high profile corruption cases you ask? Don't ask me, Malaysia's corruption perception index just went up last year. Maybe some of you might want to enlighten me on how the business world works around all these corruptions?

When there's corruption charges, there will be a benefactor and a benificiary. I wonder why all the charges are only against the beneficiary and non on the benefactor. Maybe these benefactors pay more to the authorities to only take charges on the beneficiaries? Don't be surprised, anything's possible.

How are these issues going to proceed. I'm speculating that at some point, Tun Mahathir would step in and disrupt something as well. After all, we know he is not a person that shies away from national issues. The question is why has he not spoken anything on these yet so far? Too many questions too few answers.

Fear the worst! This might be just the start.

p.s. I wish Tan Sri Chong a happy retirement and more time to spend with your family.

  1. Sabah's Deputy Chief Minister resigns, The Star, 13 April 2007.


freethinker said...

If ya follow closely MT site on the Baginda story, there are as much story as my taxi friend can repeat it...

I do have an eye for one case only at the moment. The ex "ACA chief" , Lah Man knows if no "justice" is served, it would be another attack from the opposition.. this case, I presume, heads will roll baby.

Boss Lepton said...

Hahaha, fingers pointing etc etc.

I wonder how many of these cases are actually intertwining with each other.

Too bad i'm not in malaysia and dun have a taxi friend to give me all those juicy gossips.

freethinker said...

Hmm...doing post grad?

U by any chance knew someone call Kian Hui arr.. senior or peer. MORSE dude

Boss Lepton said...

he's my senior?

add me on msn dude

freethinker said...

Ohh... thought your peer... coz he was my college mate.

What's ya msn...

HC said...

on the right ----> hehehe