Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ijok and Bag

The week of exam is over. It's going to be a race to the finish line for my dissertation now, so cross my fingers. :D

So the news of the day today which everybody knows is that BN won the Ijok by-election. I don't think this is a disappointment, BN NOT winning is a disappointment if that happens. Thanks to phantoms?(maybe not since it's sort of a landslide victory)

Let's look at this objectively. Compare both candidates for the by-election, Parthiban and Khalid.

We know Khalid led PNB and Guthrie Bhd in the past, he's a corporate man and he makes no mistake in letting people know that he is going to run politics like he runs business(although his performance in the past is subject to debate).

Parthiban to me looks like a better candidate overall, although he's running for a rotten party. He's a family man who raised his sisters, respect. He's a much cleaner candidate(at least in the public eye) than Khalid, respect. Most importantly, he's a teacher!!!!

2 reasons why I respect teachers:
  1. My dad was a teacher.
  2. Education is sacred.
To me, BN winning that is no big deal. They are going to have to compete for the seats again for the GE and let us hope that the opposition really presents us a REALISTIC case of how to run a country, rather than go on saying how bad and corrupted the current government is.

So, Uncle Lim, Dato Seri Anwar and Dato Nik Aziz, the onus is on you guys to show us the light if you think that you have a better way of running the country.

On a side note, as I said earlier, words on the street has it that the General Election which was supposed to be held just after Hari Raya is going to be postponed. Of cose, when the exact date is, only Pak Lah will know it.

End of the political talk today. I'm damn depressed I couldn't be at home to go witness Ijok the day before polling day. I heard got a lot of drama, and I like watching drama. Sigh........ sadness.

Enough of politics, I went out shopping(dragged by someone) and guess what I got.

A BAG!!!

A freaking BAG!!! That's like the first bag I've ever bought for myself in 5-6 years, no joke. I have to admit though that most of the bags i have are gifts from friends and I got one as well from my uncle.

Too lazy to take photo of it and show u guys now so I'll just find the pic of it online and post it here.

Woo hoo, it's a Ted Baker biffo!!! Welcome to Boss Lepton's family.

I have to say it's the nicest bag I've seen so far, non-leather of course. And it has lots of space inside which can fit a laptop plus a book and some notes nicely. Not to mention it looks great.

Ah..... vanity!!! Ok, enough indulgence, have to go back to normal life and dissertation.


p.s. Kelwin, I'll get the promised post about scam up tomorrow ok? I have a good 1 :D


Rabbit said...

Ah!! U bought a new bag, but not from me!! Ish ish!

U know I was selling bags mah, and u went buying from others. Tsk tsk!

But i must admit the bag looks good though, better than my bags. *blush*

Boss Lepton said...

hehehehe, nolar nolar problem is u in malaysia

if i'm in malaysia also will go langgan you 1 la. discount yea :D

bubbly soda said...

politics... *speechless*

but cannot! i wanna talk!!! if BN don't freaking win... something is just soooo damn wrong. They are dominating the country. I cannot vote yet. ish!!! I can't wait la. I will sokong BN! Oppositions will get you in trouble. so BN way! ;)

I better not be eating nasi kari tomorrow.

Boss Lepton said...

melly: hehehe, in case u don't realise a lot of bloggers are quite anti-govt in a way. I don't blame them, they are really corrupted to the core. But what other choices do we have? I don't have the faith in oppositions who don't know what they are doing.

TenthOfMarch said...

Hmmm...I don't think I'll ever blog about politics. It is just not my 'thing'. But like you said, I rather have BN run the show. Unless the oppositions have a better plan. The current govt may or may not be corrupted, but that doesn't mean if the oppositions were to take over, they will be 100% "clean".

"With great power comes great responsibility" (Spiderman 2002). We're only human. Temptation does play a role.

Boss Lepton, I was away for a few days. I haven't even finished my post on scam yet. LOL. I'm working OT now. Hopefully I can get it done within the next hour or so. Can't wait to read your post :-)

freethinker said...

Aiyo..didn't read your blog until today due to my "curfew"... aiyoyo.u also blog about teachers arr.. HAHAHHAHA

Soda , Boss and Kevin : First, we shouldn't be bloggers who are anti-gov. The ones who talk politics should focus on critical thinking and how to move forward, purely slaming someone for the sake of it, is just pure talk.

I disagree that merely voting BN would be the ONLY way forward, if we recognise the problem with it and our only attitude is : "So be it ? " We will forever sticking to the same shit because we don't dare to change for the better.

Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

You're absolutely right about the Opposition. Their basic long-term strategy to beat the ruling party seems to be: "We're not BN". That just isn't going to cut it.

Boss Lepton said...

Kelwin: don't have to blog about politics, just voice your comments on the things you see everyday, that's alright already

KY: Currently the situation is BN is tried but not that optimal. The alternative is not tried and we really have no clue if they are better than the current govt. So best plan, worry about our own rice bowl first. hehehe

Jeffrey: thanks for dropping by, yup we need an opposition who is capable enough to show us that they are worthy of our votes.

bubbly soda said...

thats why it is hard. the oppositions or the government. both party pisses the hell out of me at times. ahahahha

Boss Lepton said...

hehehehe melly: y not u go run as independent candidate? hehehehe :P kidding