Friday, April 13, 2007

Difference between 1997 and 2007?

What's the difference between 1997 and 2007?

Well, the event in 1997 gave him the driving seat on route to become the next PM.

The events that will happen in 2007 will ...................... ? Fill in the blanks yourself.
He sure looks worried in this latest photo. Why the long face?

I hope it's nothing to do with this as told on Malaysia-Today. Watergate or Dolahgate?

All rakyat:
  • Get popcorns and your soft drinks ready.
  • Go out and shop for the most comfortable sofa set.
All BN-govt basher blogger:
  • All the above.
  • Get you banners and flags ready.
  • Charge your videocam and digicams on full, heck, throw in an extra battery.
  • Reconfigure your computers so that they don't fail you at the time when you most need them.
All businessmen:
  • Non of the above.
  • Get your secretaries to get ready for overtime. Heck, hire one more secretary.
  • Get your management team ready for brainstorming sessions.


The next month or two would be jam-packed. Forget 1997 when Anwar was arrested, this could be bigger and better.

Dramas for the rakyat.
Opportunity to bash kau kau the garmen by the opposition.
And for businessmen, well "sometimes matador wins, sometimes bull wins", choose your side wisely.

p.s. I'm tagging this national because it's gonna be important for the nation.


freethinker said...

Nah, it will take something much drastic and eye-opener to make a change in the citizen's mentality..

let's face it, some blog readers simply cosider all political comments as "Zzzz aid" ...

Plus, I saw this from RPK few months ago. I used to like Msia Today, but it's blend of fiction and conspiracy has make it somewhat questionable overtime...

Boss Lepton said...

An update again in MT!

I dunno whether it's true or not, but it's a fascinating read, and certainly something that would never be revealed in the mainstream media because of its controversy.

Operation Deep Throat!!woots

freethinker said...

HAHA.. it'll be sometime for own deep throat. The public isn't ready for the mentality yet la bradda...

True enough MT offers a REALLY alternative view but the somewhat biasness and speculationss sometimes does paint a very misleaded way.

And it is this, I still prefer Jeff Ooi, his witty and more analytical approach

Boss Lepton said...

hehehe jeffooi offers news quoted on MSM while MT offers the behind the scenes

I see both as complement to somewhat get a grasp on some issues haha

thumbs up