Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why is the rum gone?

Was happily studying for my next paper until anonymous message me. For the sake of women, I'll need to extort a pirates ticket from nuffnang. Sorry yea boss, anonymous wanna kau more girls...... i sweat...... Nevermind la, I sending this anonymous as my rep ok yea?

Why is the rum gone?
Coz Bacardi just went bankrupt.........

Who am I kidding?

Bacardi is the world's largest privately held, family-owned spirits company; a producer of rums, including Bacardi Superior and Bacardi 151.

And from what I know, family-owned businesses don't go bankrupt so easily. The only reason they go bankrupt is when the head of the family kong and all their cucu-cicit want a piece of the gold. You know how the old story goes....... one stick is easier to break compared to a bunch.

So lesson of the day:
Same story goes everytime. If you're one of the heir to a family fortune, don't go fighting over a small piece of cake la. Please, go bake a bigger cake, then you can still get a bigger portion than originally.


In the meantime, if you haven't watch the alternative version of pirates yet, please...... go to your nearest and legal BitTorrent site(is there one?) and download the infamous "Pirates" alternative version. You might feel disappointed with the action(ya I disappointed) but look at the bright side, their use of CGI is amazing for an ahem.... video.

Adam & Eve, may god love you long time. Long enough to produce "Pirates 2", but with more action please.


freethinker said...

Walau... wanna kau blogger ar?

Dude, alternative versoon any good arr... bandwith limited, duwan waste dl speed...

Just tell me is leng or mou can already.. HHAHA

bubbly soda said...

Greed overpowers sanity. Smaller piece of cake doesn't require baking only slicing. Thus, a big big cake needs baking and slicing and ingrediants.

Greed is a scary thing. It breaks many many hearts. ;) enough of me already. ahahha

Those pirate girls... are scaring me.

Boss Lepton said...

freethinker: lol erm... half leng half mou can? Japanese 1s better

melly: paiseh paiseh y the pirate girls scare u? Yea greed is merciless

cindy said...

I think I'm one of Bacardi's long lost great,great granddaughter. xD Haha!

Boss Lepton said...

cindy: I'm sure you are

freethinker said...

TQ very muchy.. will know when to resume my dl when my streamyx is back at production

Boss Lepton said...

KY: wahahaha, remember to share share yea :D

sexleksaker said...

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