Friday, April 20, 2007

By-elections? Buy elections!

How to buy your way through elections. That's right folks, that's the hot topic that's been stirred up since the Machap by-election. Well BN bought their victory by hook or by crook, let's try to see what happens in Ijok.

First of all, one has to ask himself, what do you know about Ijok?

A search in google reveals a few interesting results. The most interesting being masak-masak's post on New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant @ Ijok. I have to say the beggar chickens look very tasty, but beware if you're muslim because they do serve pork too. Don't say I didn't warn you first.

This of course doesn't tell us too much about Ijok. Here's a map on where Ijok really is for all you katak bawah tempurung(me included). People say you have to pass Ijok if you're heading to Kuala Selangor via the north route, I wouldn't know since I stay in the south(Subang) and I've never been to Kuala Selangor(hope the kelip-kelips are still there).

After a few pages, there's still no sight of both the famous Ijok blogs. The publicity team must be doing a shit job at this. Heck, they really should go consult some SEO expert and read up on what is google pagerank.

Also, there's a rocky's post on Ijok and with some nice statistics here.

Recently, there's so much press about how development had been brought to Ijok virtually overnight. Khir Toyo's 36 million ringgit is just a prelude, I actually expect more goodies to come. I actually think now the rakyat should already figure out a strategy to get the most out of the present government.

Here's the plan if you don't already know it. By-election period, show your support to BN, and they will reciprocate you by building roads etc in your area thinking you are going to vote for him. Don't vote for BN, instead, vote for the opposition and make him win. At the next election, the BN people will try harder to please you, bringing yet again more developments. Show your support but again vote for the opposition. See the viscious cycle here?

I thought I'm pretty smart to have thought of this.

.................I must be kidding myself, there's no way BN would lose. The "law of shopping" is that when you buy something, it is legally already yours. It's Sales carnival Malaysia season if you haven't realised, for the politicians that is, and they are spending too much of the taxpayers' money on a correct region for the wrong reasons.


freethinker said...

HAHA..actually I wanted to blog voting strategy too ...

Great one except does ppl of Ijok understand this principal?

I realised we have a problem. People who read blogs already knew these tricks, crucial is to educate those who don't. We ended up being supportive of an idea that is circulating among ppl who already knew....

Agree ?

Boss Lepton said...


nolar we will arrive at game theory's nash equilibrium. where everybody cheats and then we're back at the same place as before.

but hahaha i'm really interested in hearing your take at this too :D