Sunday, April 01, 2007

There's no age boundary to blog

I kid you not, check out Real Lao Zha Bor.

She's my grandmother's age and blogs from her apple MacBook. I'm neither laughing nor is this an April Fool's joke.

She's even featured on a chinese newspaper here.

Auntie I respect you. Maybe I should really consider setting up a blog for my grandma.

Question: Do I have enough patience if my grandma asks me to type out all her chants(经) online, hmmm I don't know, maybe not?


cindy said...


ok, if my grandma (god bless her soul) blogs, it would be awesome! LOL!

Kean-Jin Lim said...

Those ministers whose suffering blogger syndrome should have a look at her blog. Maybe her blog will cure their syndrome. Perhaps.... :)

Kean-Jin Lim said...

I respect her too.

A good example to old generation to touch on IT or blog.

They can share their experience or their knowledge in a blog.

By doing so, they no need to worry no one will sit down and listen to them too.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Bossy! I must respect this old lady. Have a nice day.

Boss Lepton said...

cindy: it would be awesome even if she just uses email

keanjin: apparently she's a singaporean actress who appeared in some singaporean movie. I dun recall seeing her though but yea, respect the amah man.

Hor ny: respect of course :D