Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fraud in schools? Believe it!!

I should actually nominate johnleemk's blog Infernal Ramblings as one of the blogs that got me thinking. But I'm not into all these awards thingy as it's just another lame attempt to cook up something that would last for a few weeks.

Anyway I've came across this post of his about "Educationist Defraud a Charity" which he'd written a few day ago.

It was a very valid story and it reminded me of my alma mater. Let me summarize his story first.

His ex-classmate was involved in raising some fund for a charity (outside school I presume). After they had managed to collect an amount which in john's word is "not unsignificant", "the teacher in charge of advising the organising committee told them that she wanted half of the proceeds for the school."

Yes I know what you're thinking. Low-life etc etc.

Let me relate to you a few stories of my own.

As you may have known, I've started putting nuffnang ads on my blog to raise some money to be donated to my secondary school.

Let me tell you this. I'm actually not too keen on doing this for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that we would never know how these money have been put to good use.

I know that with the money, we have been building more classrooms, demolishing my beloved tennis court etc. Word has it that the contractors involved in these are charging the school at extraordinary amount.

What makes it worse is that they are on the board of directors of the school committee. They would also consistently donate RM3k or a little more to the school everytime there's a donation drive. The question is they donate, just to earn it all back from these contracts which would be easily worth more than RM500k? When I was still in school, I was told by the headmaster (whom I know personally) that we still owe the contractors a huge amount of money.

What is it with these people? First, we don't get enough funding from the Education Ministry. Second, our own donation drive (huge ones I assure you) would be just like a money making machine for these contractors.

Word also has it that the contractor involved was on the brink of bankruptcy. Now? He owns a huge hotel called Star City in the middle of Alor Star. How did he turn around? By getting petty cash from the school through his fraudulent schemes of being on the school board and the contractor involved at the same time.

I would call this a scam but I think this is much much worse. He's not conning just 1 person of their money but a whole bunch of ignorant people. Now I understand why my parents were reluctant to donate their money last time when I was trying my best to persuade them to.

I'm telling you "SMK Keat Hwa" in Alor Star. Stop asking for charity until you have proven that our money has been put to good use. Shame on you.

Onto my second story. Another school involved in these scheme is my primary school, SRJK (C) Keat Hwa (H). Here's a story that shocked the nation not too long ago. Photo taken from Paul Ooi's blog.

If you don't know. One of the teachers fell to his death after falling from a ceiling which is infested with termites. I'm telling you this, the SAME contractor is involved in this.

Nevertheless, I'll still donate as I've claimed earlier. For a simple reason that I really want them to improve. The next step would be for them to correct their mistakes and hopefully put all these money to good uses.


aw said...

How about donating in kind, since you know that this contractor has strong grips on the school board already?

You could buy books, computer peripherals.. even gifts for the overworked and underappreciated teaches!

If you have great teachers, it does not matter if you teach in a shack or in Putrajaya-like lecture halls. I say, reward the teachers, increase their morale (esp. it would touch them that ex-students who left their care are now giving back!!).

Boss Lepton said...

Hehehe, I would want to too.

Yea, you're right.... maybe i should do that. Buying books sounds good

Rabbit said...

So true! My primary school always ask us to donate to them, claimed that they wanna get new books to put in the library. But we didnt see any new books around though.

TenthOfMarch said...

It's sad to hear some *parents* taking advantage over the school and the other students for their own profit. It's a real pain to see money donated for good purpose used for personal gains.

I agree with aw. It's better to donate "things" than money.

bubbly soda said...

that is just too much. and whoever that cheats something so noble as school is really... horrible. man... these people's heart is made of what?

Boss Lepton said...

tenth: problem is sometimes the school really need these new buildings.

melly: yea... it sucks doesn't it?

won said...

If you know that that contractor will just fleece the school, donating in cash will just be throwing good money into a black hole.

Even though they really need these buildings, I believe that making the teachers happy will bring more benefit. As you have read Tony Pua, "human capital is much more important than real estate development" :)

Oh, BTW, does anyone remember our PM granting his old school in Kedah RM3.6 million in refurbishments earlier this year?

And, if only your old school has a by-election. The ones in Ijok has been given "at least RM50,000 each".

But I bet your school did not receive a single sen, and has to depend on donations. That's f*cking Malaysia for you.

Boss Lepton said...

won: yea man, by PM you mean old PM Mahathir?