Thursday, May 03, 2007

Adverts, Twin Towers and Skydiving

smalltalk: Lunch interview today, wish me luck. Fingers crossed.

I have to admit, when I heard about Mahathir's mega projects I thought it was really a big black hole for everybody's tax money. But it did some good in the end, although a small amount of people REALLY profit from it.

(A certain somebody who is now making a move to take his company, Maxis, private :D )

For those who are wondering, I got this off's website. Look, the 2nd easiest tower to recognise is out twin towers. It really put Malaysia on the global map doesn't it? Here's another nice pic of it.

But here's another mega project that you might have seen in the newspaper for the past few days (or weeks).

The once "mat-rempits" have done the country "proud". Check howsy's post on this for more info. The big question is, how did it put Malaysia on the world map? Did we benefit from this jump?

Trust me, do a search on google for news on "Putera Umno" or "North Pole" or "Skydiving". The only news you can see about this are from Bernama, Malaysia's very own news agency.

If there were so many records broken, why haven't any other news agencies reported it?

And there is one big flaw. There were NO photos whatsoever that they made the jump. The only photos were taken when they were on the ground. Chances are most of them didn't actually take the jump?

The only pics I could've found are here, here and here. So what's the truth? We demand some proof on taxpayers' money well spent.

I don't know, you be the judge on this. Whatever.

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dan said...

You are right, that was just pure ego-massaging. No benefit at all.

The Twin Towers you mentioned, while also ego-massaging, has a commercial investment component to it. And it is open to everyone regardless of race or even nationality. It was also a difficult architectural achievement that the Discovery Channel.

1) What's so difficult and different about skydiving? How is this different from making the world's biggest roti canai?

2) How come only one race is involved if the aim is to develop a truly united Malaysia?

3) This is taken for granted, but where did the funds come from? Did they do their own fund raising by doing charity work, etc, or did some fat cat just sponsor them (in exchange for favors down the line)?

freethinker said...

Picture for u

cindy said...

Really or not successful oh?? As far as I know, our medias have the tendency to get exaggerated when it comes to stuff like this.

Boss Lepton said...

dan: Hmmm, i didn't really consider some of your points but yea, why only one race involved? And the funds from Umno obviously. Good points thanx :D

freethinker: hehehe malaysia no.1 mob telling the story

cindy: i'm guessing they didn't even make the jump hahaha

bubbly soda said...

They should just invest those money to help orang asli, poor people, and help to improve the quality of life. grrr... this is when you ask yourself, is my vote for the government or opposition?

Boss Lepton said...

hehehehe, on this case my vote is on the opposition. Although they might not rule very well, they don't simply waste money :P

Anonymous said...

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