Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bocor every month

Talking about no post to update, after the circus incident last week in Parliament, where 2 MPs, namely from Kinabatangan(of Keluar Malaysia fame) and Jasin(of Close one-eye fame) argued (with a straight face):

Mana ada bocor, Batu Gajah pun tiap-tiap bulan bocor juga (Where is the
leak? Batu Gajah leaks every month too).”

Batu Gajah here refers to Batu Gajah's MP(DAP) Fong Po Kuan, who incidentally(like all other DAP MPs) have a blog here. Thinking that this matter should be easily resolved had Bung Mokhtar and Said Yusoff issue an apology of the statement, they went further by saying

“It is normal to play with words,” he(Bung Mokhtar) said, adding that it would be wrong if the statement had been made with malicious intent.

Mohd Said said the statement was made in the heat of the argument.
“I don’t see what the fuss is about,” he said. “It is normal to play with words,” he said, adding that it would be wrong if the statement had been made with malicious intent.

Shame shame la. Finally today YB Sharizat wants to take this matter to Cabinet. Even Najib 'bung' in to say
the remarks were not supposed to be taken seriously and that there were certain
parties out to make a big deal of the issue.
Hello Najib, if you still want the ladies to vote for you, better get a grip and become more sensitive. I'm pretty sure that had you have said this during your years in university(of nottingham), you will be subjected to great hatred.

Certain parties out to make a big deal?

Now I can see the issue of pariahs made by RPK here. Heck, even pariahs have their own respect, these 2...... no respect from me sorry. Being politicians doesn't give you freedom to make sexist remarks in public, let alone a parliament session.

Mind you, the sittings at that session was supposed to serve the following function:
The sittings last week were an extension of the March 19 to April 26 meeting for
Parliament to deliberate on several important bills like the Anti-Trafficking in
Persons and Employees Provident Fund amendments.
[Source: The Star]

So instead of 'solving' problems, they create more problems. I say throw these MPs out of parliament, make damn sure to let them know
You serve the people, and if you don't serve them
right, you're out.

What say you on this issue?

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TenthOfMarch said...

It's degrading and embarrassing that our so called "leaders" are insensitive towards gender issues. Those remarks came straight out from the mouth, instead of going through their brains. Sad sad case.

Quoting from Fong Po Kuan's blog:We all know, most of the time, it is through political connections or ” who you know” and not “what you know” that some of these contractors obtained government projects. Then, it will be “sub and sub and sub”. End result -abandoned projects, delayed projects, poor workmanship, unpaid workers/contractors, collapsed ceilings and burst pipes.

That is so true isn't it? I hate it when that happens. Tax payers' money is "wasted" on the "transition" from one sub to the other. Sounds like a "get-rich-quick scam" to me.

freethinker said...

Fuiyooh.. Kelwin.. u read politician blog punya ar..

Well, I think everything else is pointless if PM doesn't show his stand, I mean REALLY being firm

TenthOfMarch said...

Hahahaa. Not really lah. Just so happen to read her post from the link provided by lepton. I do have some "opinions" of my own but since I don't have much understanding or research in politics, I stay away from them lah.

This case different, since I was quoting her remarks. So if anything goes wrong, blame her lah. Hahahahaha.

cindy said...

Looks like someone's yawning again. LOL!

freethinker said...

Aiyo..Cindy.. dun sleep la.. must awake

bubbly soda said...

How are they suppose to rule if they keep making sexist remarks and then somehow get away with it. Woman needs respect. Obviously these people are chauvinist.

§pinzer said...

saw the video some time ago, thought the whole parliamentary attitude has gone crazy.. then again, it's alway been like this hasn't it (ie monkey incident, sami velu shouting etc etc)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I can only say "MALAYSIA BOLEH"!!!!Howdy bossy!!! Good day to u.

Boss Lepton said...

Kelwin: it is true that the ali-baba culture is still prevalent in Malaysia. Workmanship is a serious problem as Malaysia is not a very populous nation, so quality is getting very important when it comes to producing an output.

KY: I also read politicians blog once in a while ma.

cindy: yawn? Did I bore u? sorry sorry will write more interesting things in the future :D

melly: I say we take these 2 out of the next general elections, you with me? hehe

Tock: Yea it's degrading isn't it?

Horny: Malaysia boleh, lol, it's obvious. Good day to you too :D