Friday, May 11, 2007

Update on Job Hunt

smalltalk: Hello Transport Tycoon, Goodbye life. Life after dissertation that is.

Weee, I've got an assessment day with Mercer HR next week, so hopefully it will go well and they offer me a job...... any tips guys?

It's gonna be 2 interviews, a written exercise, a group exercise and a presentation to make the day complete. So tough to get a job......... sigh.

Anyway that's it, haven't heard from the other companies yet.

I did however went to London last Friday for an interview with a reinsurance company. Not too sure if they liked me, but I certainly like the interviewer, she's such a nice person. Plus she tried to hook me on to this other actuarial recruitment company, sweeeeeet.......

So for now, consider myself trying to work hard for the interview next week.


TenthOfMarch said...

Hmmm...this is one area I can't help. "No experience" yet. But I can say, good luck and all the best! :-)

Anonymous said...

gd luck...didn't even make it thru' the 1st round!

but if it's anything like BCG's, expect lotsa case studies, and think before you ask questions...