Thursday, March 29, 2007

To Steve Irwin

This is to Steve Irwin, whose life was ended by a sting ray.

I wonder how would it taste like though.......

Good catch, although animal rights advocates beg to differ.

*Update: So I've now learned that manta rays doesn't have sting barbs, foolish me. Check it out here.
During the course of their evolution, Mantas lost the stinging barb and their pectoral fins developed into graceful, flapping wings, but their flattened body shape remained.
Thanx for the info anonymous. And Steve Irwin, too bad, no revenge for you.

p.s. sorry about the one-liner, I really had to post this when I saw the pic.


Anonymous said...

i think that is a manta ray...i does not have a sting

Boss Lepton said...

you're right, foolish me, update now :D

thanx for the info