Friday, March 30, 2007

Altantuya: Son's DNA test

I refer to Howsy's question about Altantuya son’s DNA test: is it out yet?

Well, in fact he did direct the question to Susan Loone and here is her response: Altantuya: What happen to the DNA test?

The biggest twist after reading the post is this line:
......And while they (DNA experts, Interpol, whatever) saw her son, they did not take
blood samples from him. Instead, they took it from her mother, Mrs. Shariibuu........

Questions to ponder:
  • Why did they take the DNA samples of Altantuya's mother (Mrs. Shariibuu) instead of those of her ailing son?
  • Did Bernama lie about taking the son's DNA?
  • If Altantuya met Baginda in 2004 and her son is borned in 2003, who is his REAL father?
  • Why aren't any of these published in the papers? Cover ups?
  • What is the real motivation in the murder case?

I think the single biggest question that everybody wants to know is:


Thumbs up to howsy and susan on the update.

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Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Actually I am more interested to known more about the mother. Got any pic on her?

Boss Lepton said...

hehehehe, check out the 3rd link.