Sunday, March 11, 2007


*Just taking a little bit of time off from work and surfed around.

I came across this rather interesting forum. Ignore the rather annoying "hello" smilies advertisement and look at this specific topic on Malay Billionaires.

Well things were pretty speculative around there, good thing it's not in a blog that these things get published in, otherwise we would have more than 3 bloggers ending up in court right this instant.

So according to the speculation, it says that we are missing out my fellow Kedahan Encik Al-Bukhary, Encik Zainuddin, Encik Nasimuddin, and Encik Saad from the list. Well, actually Encik Al-Bukhary is on the list, so better get your facts right.

According to the writer, these gentlemen are not in the list because

    1. Much (if not all) of their assets are still privately held.
    2. In contrast to ethnic Chinese billionaires who love to flaunt wealth, Malay billionaires prefer to keep a low profile. It’s the racial trait of Malays.

Although I have to agree on these, I have to add another reason, as most Malaysians would know, sometimes the flow of money in Malaysia goes into the untracable. Well it's your judgement anyway.

The thing that annoys me as I was reading the replies to this article is that the Chinese starts a mini war with the Malays, or I would say pro-chinese vs pro-malays. (How come no Indian join in the fight)

Things boiled down to a point where the pro-chinese would claim that the Malay has no history to be proud off and then the pro-malay retaliates by giving examples of Petronas, TNB etc etc.

Now, questions to be asked guys.
  1. Excluding GLCs which I have to agree that are dominated by malays, are there any good companies in Malaysia that is run by malays? So pro-malay, your argument a bit faulty, but it doesn't matter.
  2. The pro-chinese keeps bragging about chinese achievements internationally. Dude, to be fair, it's better that we distinct Malaysian chinese and don't take the achievements of China chinese or even American chinese as our own. (Me chinese also ok?)
  3. Does this all really matter?
Why can't we stop arguing about such minor things and start focusing and progressing together(meaning malay+ chinese + indians) and achieve something as a Malaysian? Pointless argument dudes, I've always believed that the reason we are not going to achieve Vision 2020(sorry Tun Mahathir) is that we really have problems with unity. And until this can be resolved, we won't proceed to anywhere really.

Take a time to ponder, it's not a race issue. It's a national issue, and while we are bickering, other nations might be doing their best to overtake us already.

Don't believe me? Check the facts.

Bottomline, walk the talk(the correct way).

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