Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sushi King beware

Latest news I got from Very very reliable.
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It says.....

Yo! Sushi, the conveyor-belt restaurant chain, is taking the Japanese food to them.

The company, which opened its first restaurant in Soho 10 years ago, has signed a franchise deal under which outlets will open in Russia this year, as well as in Ireland and Malaysia. [Source:]

Somebody go tell Tan Sri Fumihiko Konishi about this. Somebody want com to snatch business, and it's a British. Sigh.........

See what I mean when I say, Malaysians must stay united and face the world. No point for petty quarelling among ourselves in the country.

Eh we bloggers also value national unity ok?

Sushi King: Beware...... Yo!Sushi put their competitors out of business before. But don't worry, you got Boss Lepton's support. Now who's with me?

  1. Observer: Take-away Sushi, March 14, 2007.
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aw said...

I'm sorry. Sushi King sucks to the core.

Salmon sushi that is usually warm. TINY pieces of unagi.

No other fish sashimi besides salmon (where's the common tuna? hamachi? mackerel?).

Most of the sushi on the belt is bastard-ised crap using leftovers like "spicy salmon", mayo and CANNED tuna.

Or really crappy crap like small pieces of cucumber maki (hello? for the same price as GREAT nasi lemak which you get big pieces of cucumber and rice as extras).

Whatever the Tan Sri's intention, I bet you he wouldn't take his Japanese friends to one of his own outlets.

Boss Lepton said...

hehehee, i guess you are right, but i just don't like the idea of a british fella getting out money haha

cindy said...

Err.. doesn't matterlah to me. Come or not come, I also hardly go Sushi King. :P I get my dosage of sushi or Jap food from the Jap food restaurant.. randomly. :P

Neo said...

I don't like Sushi King. I prefer Shogun :)

WilsonC said...

Yo is cool though. I'm looking forward to their Yotel venture which is about to launch.

It's a free world. Let them come. ;) Maybe it'll get Sushi King to ante up their game. All in the spirit of competition. That's the only way to grow.