Monday, March 05, 2007

Burning Midnight Oil

It's been my favourite activity for the past few weeks. I can bet none of you work at odd hours like me. My normal working time is between 8.30 at night to 6/7 in the morning. I find it easier to work in a quiet environment when nobody's in the computer centre.

Just a clip of what I'm working on today. Yup, you bet, my dissertation. Now I have to freaking find a way to draw out all the triangles, all these just to make the animation nice to the eyes. And of course allowing one to understand what my function does. Halfway there now, hopefully I can get it done by tonight.

So any helpers? Anybody out there who is fluent in Mathematica? Please...... pretty please......

Job to do:

  1. Arrayplot of the Potts model

  2. Plot of barycentric coordinates

  3. Combine both side-by-side

  4. Explain the whole method out(typeset in TeX)

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