Friday, March 23, 2007

It's official, the FINE

Yes, as from previous posts, you should know that I nearly started a fire in my flat. I've just received a letter from the warden stating that they are going to fine me. How much you ask?

£50!!!!!!! ====== RM350!!!!!!!!

You know much is that worth? That's worth a month of my tesco shopping, meaning enough food to last me for 1 whole month. Sigh........... That's like............ an extra hefty speeding ticket, all because of negligence. I do have the right to appeal in mitigation, but it is not likely that they are going ot reduce this fine.

Here are the exact words in the letter:
Since this is an incident relating ot firesafety within halls and your actions were contrary to residential regulation 20 (a) (ii) - I hereby fine you £50. The fine should be paid immediately.........
And residential regulation 20 (a) (ii) says
Non-compliance with any of the University Accomodation Regulations (as set out above), or with any rule in the handbook for the relevant Hall of Residence.
Set out above here refers to regulation 20 (a) (i) saying
Anti-social behaviour such as drunkenness; disorderly conduct; unnecessary noise; selfish use of noise emitting equipment including radios, music centres, CD players, televisions, computers, musical instruments; playing games in close proximity to residences; disregard of such hours of silence and visiting hours as may be laid down in the handbook for the relevant Hall of Residence, and any behaviour causing a nuisance, inconvenience, or annoyance to other residents.
I mean I do think I'm guilty of nearly causing a fire, but it was an accident. Surely that is not anti-social behaviour right? Someone enlighten me on this please.

Anyway, I'm just gonna pay the stupid fine and get on with it. If there's anything I'm happy about, it's that this case is finally resolved and I can concentrate on my studies.

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Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ya!! Afterall only 50 british buck. Study hard I am sure u can easily earn back the 50 buck by whatever meant possible. Have a nice day.

Boss Lepton said...

eh sigh...... british buck is painful

but come to think of it, with the inflation in malaysia now, haih i pity the rakyat, no pay rise eh?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Bossy u r correct. Everything is rising except salary. Man we r suffering. In fact I can't affort to use 4 wheel to work can only afford to use two wheel ( motorcycle ) now. Talk about progress, mine ass I say!! Well as lest I think u r doing OK. Have a nice day.

Howsy said...

Move out lar, better.

But Warwick U is kinda like deserted from the town right, I mean Coventry is like miles away...

Boss Lepton said...

coventry is ok ler, but a bit lifeless, it's not that far, about 30 minutes bus ride. I don't go to city centre often though, I get motion sickness on bus........ sigh

Kean-Jin Lim said...

I was nearly burnt the whole laboratory if the fire can't be put out.

Cheer up, man.