Sunday, March 04, 2007

Elections? I want to vote!!!

I had waited many many years(let me think..... I'm 23 now) for this. The only happy thing I got out of my 21st birthday was the thought that I'm finally able to vote in the upcoming General Elections.

So as usual today, while doing my work, I got a little bored and started visiting Malaysia-Today when I stumbled upon RPK's latest article in "No Holds Barred".

According to him, the following dates are the dates Pak Lah's Feng Shui Master gave him to hold the next general election:

19 May 2007
25 November 2007
15 December 2007
15 March 2008

If the GE is held in any of the above 4 dates, according to the Feng Shui master, BN will score big. Just like the last time around(Remember the last time the word landslide was used?).

I think the biggest problem with the above date is...... HOLY CRAP!!!! I might not even be in the country for the above dates. Can someone please brief me on the procedures of voting, and the procedures of registering as a voter?

Can I register online? Oh well, guess not, so much for Malaysia Boleh.

Why not allow us to register online? Besides, they should make it so that every citizen above 21 years of age automatically be registered for the elections. What's the logic behind "prove you're a Malaysian" when the govt already has our records, that's just pointless right?

Anyway, I think they are a bit scared of taking the war online. *Giggles*

Side talk: Where should I vote? Where's the nearest voting station in Subang Jaya?

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