Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blog? or War?

If any of you bloggers are reading this, then I'm here to inform you that:

Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.........

You heard me right. Eh Tengku Adnan, I bet if you had a child, he/she will also be blogging, or at least some sort of blogging. Are you calling them liars? I understand that while the internet is borderless and bloggers do speak their mind without restriction of any sorts, we do make it sure to distinguish what are facts and what are rumours.

You don't really see us going around claiming that rumours are facts right? But that doesn't matter anyway, because most rumours in Malaysia turns out to be facts. No fire, no smoke right?

Minister of Tourism, I suggest that you just stick to your job and don't screw up "Visit Malaysia Year 2007". Don't just sit and whack female bloggers. They are not the ones to be blamed for being unemployed and in fact, are your facts correct?

You should in fact be thanking us and a bunch of other bloggers for promoting the country.

Let's just hope this is not a full blown war. We bloggers are not armed with C4, not even guns. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who's at disadvantage here.

Well for the full article, view the full article on Sin Chew here.

p.s. thanx elizabethwong, Mr J and Miss Tuna for the great translation.#

And as a fact, we as Malaysian bloggers, LOVE OUR COUNTRY.

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