Saturday, March 03, 2007

Gimme the money

Race for PSD scholarships on again

PUTRAJAYA: The race for the prestigious Public Service Department overseas scholarships is on again.

Applications from students who scored 10 1As in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination and those from households earning not more than RM1,500 a month will be given special consideration.

This means that when it comes to deciding between a poor 10 1As applicant and a well-to-do 12 1As scorer, the department will pick the former if he or she has fulfilled all the other requirements and pass the interview.

Interview? What interview? To be honest, I've been to one of these interviews and sadly I didn't get the scholarship. But thinking back, WHAT INTERVIEW??? I don't call that an interview, it's just 20 people in a room, supposedly discussing something. I recall doing my best by being active in participation but some of the others didn't even utter a single word.

Result, I didn't get the scholarship. Again, I think PSD has to rethink whether it is necessary to conduct interviews because it is simply impossible to do it in just 1 session. Think about how many students are applying. Unless the interviews are conducted in a series of sessions, with a chance of each student getting a one-to-one interview, like how Petronas does, please just scrap the interview part.

Then again, the question is "is selection solely based on meritocracy and household background?".

I think most of you out there know the answer to this question.

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