Tuesday, March 06, 2007

SPM SPM where art thee going?

New SPM Record Likely

..........is likely to get 19 1As in the examinations and replace Nur Amalina Che Bakri, who obtained 17 1As in 2004, as the country's top scorer.

Once again I have to salute the top scorers for doing something I can't even do, scoring in SPM. Anyhow as I'm trained as a statistician, I can't help but wonder why the term "is likely" is used.

What is their basis on the claim of "likely"? None. Zilt. How can the mainstream media make such an irresponsible claim? It can be potentially misleading and truthfully, they are quite lucky that this is not a very important matter.

Think about what if they make a claim that "The Bursa is likely to gain......". I would be so pissed off by that, and how many people would be deceived in this false perception? This is exactly one of the problems journalists face. I bet my lecturer would be happy to comment on these kind of misleading statements, he had come accross many misleading statistical statements made in COURT, no joke.

Anyhow, back to the topic of the day. Dude, I plead to thee the Education Minister. Please, I don't really wanna see another few thousand straight A1 achievers. Raise the standard of the exam when you see students getting smarter and smarter. Reserve the straight A1s to a few of the REAL elites. I dream of a day when students getting straight B3's or A2's would be just as proud of their results.

Isn't it better this way? Don't you think so?

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