Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finally........ progress

This is more I like it. Remember what I talked about when I wrote the article about Firefly, Penang's very own low cost carrier? You got it right, we need some progress on our national railway, after 2 years of stalled work. I won't go on to elaborate what happened then as I'm not familiar with what happened then.

Here's today's news:
Double tracking project on again, that's right. According to the article,
The Cabinet Committee on Public Transport has decided to revive the shelved Ipoh-Padang Besar double tracking project. [Source: The Star]
Contractor for this project:
.............Gamuda Bhd and MMC Corp Bhd............ [Source: The Star]
Time horizon to completion:
...........about two years........... [Source: The Star]
..........the Seremban-Johor Baru stretch would be awarded to an Indian company.......... [Source: The Star]
More questions?
  • Why award the contract to an Indian company? Local companies can't do it?
  • 2 years, that's awfully optimistic isn't it, we do know that Malaysian timing a bit different from rest of the world. Does 2 years mean 4 years?
  • Boy, my fellow kedahan Uncle al-Bukhary is getting all the business he wants isn't it? But I'm not complaining, at least he is one of the better businessman around.
Yet more questions?
  • Another SMART project? Gamuda's share must be worthed a lot now.
  • Will rail travel replace air travel as the dominant sector like the way it is here in the UK?

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