Sunday, March 01, 2009

Project 365: Day 9 Development at Marble Arch

Got this post one day late but what the hell. Went out to West Acton to get some fresh fish for sashimi from Atari Ya, a nice little japanese store full of surprises. The fish were top notch, fresh as sashimi you can get in London. No stomach ache so far so I guess it's safe to say that. So if u're a sushi fan, there's just one place where u'll not be disappointed (the selection of fish there is excellent too).

If you've been to Marble Arch in London before, you must remember that it has a quite complicated tunnel system which accompanies a stench of urine. Well the authorities recently decided to close some of these tunnels down and make people cross the road via traffic crossings. I'm not complaining, it makes more sense to do that since it's safer for pedestrians (in terms of burglary). Now with one of their usual shelter gone, where are the homeless going to spend the night now......

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Jing Qi Quah

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