Thursday, March 05, 2009

Project 365: Day 12 Ye same ol Italian again

Today, I went to Il Bordello again with yours dearly after her little trip to the doctors. She had some rashes on her face which she said were very itchy and painful sometimes, it even made her slightly feverish. Anybody has any idea what this could be? Doctor said it's normal but I have we have our suspicions that it might be a combi of winter rash and some sort of allergy.

Hence she decided this wouldn't be a seafood day, which was kind of a let down since I wanted to bring her to try their fabulous lobster aurora. Anyway, we had the deep fried mozzarella for starter (which tasted like deep fried chicken yum), calves liver and tagliatelle al funghi as mains. Food was superb as usual but yours dearly said that the calves liver at cristini's were better which I kinda agree since I prefer eating it with mash potatoes. There is nothing like a good shot of espresso to finish off lunch and keep me awake for the walk home.

Later, I took the curtains to the cleaners on my way to the gym for some solid fat burning. To sum it all up, it was a pretty ok day. What it lacks is something that makes me tick, some work, some project, some soul searching. Where am I going to go next? The industry I'm in now is a rapidly collapsing one even in the next boom period. It went from a 10-people team to 5-people team in a matter of years and now firms only want to hire a 2-people team. That's how much technology is improving a person's efficiency (more like man power is more expensive than computer power).

So this all boils down to one question. How to create new areas where man power is needed (and sustainably needed)? I really don't know. But I want to try, so badly. Deep thoughts...... Perhaps......

p.s. Get well soon yours dearly.

Best regards,
Jing Qi Quah

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