Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Project 365: Day 11 Clean Curtains

Today, after a week since the dry cleaners told me that it's ready, I finally went to pick up the clean curtains on my way back from the gym. It was seriously a power walk session since I opted to walk home from bayswater instead of taking the bus and the curtains were f**king heavy dammit. Oh well, I'll just treat it as an extra workout for the day.

What's worse....... That's the lighter load. Tomorrow I'll have to carry some more curtains to be washed and those are twice the weight I'm not kidding. And this time, the cctv has nothing to catch on camera (hehehe got a very expensive tuition for waiting in the car on double yellow line the first time around).

Bring it on curtains, my biceps are ready!

Best regards,

Jing Qi Quah


Boss Stewie said...

Come boss I help you.. my biceps are also ready

Boss Lepton said...

Lol thanks for the offer boss. Cannot afford to buy the air ticket for u to come over to help tho hehe.