Saturday, February 28, 2009

Project 365: Day 8 Best creme brulee in the world, Paul Smith and Kazan

Today, we went back to La Petite Maison again as it was uncles' last day in London. I have to say again what I felt the very 1st time I tasted this dish, the creme brulee here is the best creme brulee I've ever tasted in my life. Each time I have this I always felt like having it all to myself. Screw the fats and calories...... I wish.

Even the memory of seeing a very nice Mercedes CLS was very distant at the moment that soft, sweet, creamy yet crunchy texture hit my mouth...... Oh heaven. Anybody in London don't believe me, please go try u'll not be disappointed.

After the late lunch, we went by some shops on Avery Row and stumbled upon a Paul Smith sale store. My god it was really cheap, and to remember the premium we have to pay if we were to buy it off the shelves in stores. Bought myself 2 shirts for £22, how cheap is that?

The evening was the usual affair of a splendid meal. This time it was hosted by uncle mo but aunt Cynthia ended up treating us again. Aiyah how la uncle Mo? Hehehe food at Kazan was great though I must say.

Once again, sorry yours dearly. Hugs.

Ok, mini holiday over. Need to start planning again, hopefully plan will go smoothly this time. Wahahaha world, here I come.

Best regards,
Jing Qi Quah

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