Friday, July 03, 2009

Rumour has it that.......

....... Michael Owen is going to be a Red Devil. I'm no Man Utd fan but while everybody is yabbing about whether Fergie has gone nuts by signing a player who couldn't even go thru 25 games without any injury, I think this is actually quite a good move.

Plus, you're getting potentially one of the best strikers for FREE. The key word here is potential, when he's good, he is really good, especially when facing tough oppositions. I remember sometime towards the end of last season when reports begin surfacing that Michael would retire. If anybody can reignite Michael and makes him want to play football again, it has to be Fergie, remember Cantona?

Well we'll see next season if this is the right move for Fergie, I have a good feeling it is, especially if he turns out to be their new super-sub, who knows?

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