Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson

At about midnight last night while talking on the phone to yours dearly, she asked me if I was watching the news. I answered no and asked why. She then tol me that there is a news report claiming that MJ is "dead". At first, I thought it was some joke, like the Jeff Goldblum's hoax. And then I saw the article on bbc saying that MJ is "dead".
I traced the article back to who was the first to report it and saw several tweets about htis on my blackberry. It was later confirmed that he did in fact die, and it was a tragic news indeed.

I'm sure that many have bought the tickets to his comeback concert, which was fully sold out within days if not hours. Certainly, people will think that 50 concerts is stretching it a bit too far considering his age but hey, he's a perfectionist.

I'm pretty sure everyone of you has a favourite Michael Jackson song. I grew up loving "Black and White" thinking that Michael Jackson is in fact, a magician with real powers (yes dreaming) and can turn into a tiger. That's thanks to his "Moonwalker" sort of movie I guess, I remember vaguely he could turn into a car.

But my absolute favourite song of his is without a doubt "Man in The Mirror". I believe that he was under tremendous pressure for the past 15 years since he was accused of being a paedophile. Looking at him, you can't really believe that can you? Whatever it is, may peace be with him and with Youtube, he will live on forever, or that's what I would like to think so.

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