Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another person who doesn't check their facts

Michael K. Ozanian's blogpost on Lance Armstrong. Now I know blogs are supposed to be casual, but when you are clearly reporting the wrong facts, that is just pushing it.

Lance Armstrong No Role Model

I am sick of the media playing Lance Armstrong as some sort of God. I get the wonderful story: The guy made a phenomenal recovery from cancer. He has won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times. With Lance currently in third place half way through this year’s Tour, the Versus Network, which televises the race, is running around telling everyone how the great Lance has given it huge ratings. But there is another part of this story: In an age where most athletes (especially those in the NFL and NBA) are demonized for any misstep, it is amazing how it is never spoken that Lance dumped his wife and kids (who stuck with him during his battle with cancer) for Sheryl Crow and races for the UCI ProTeam Astana, which is based in Kazakhstan, a country ruled by a political tyrant. I’d like to see Versus mention that.

Amazing........ Just read the comments

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