Monday, May 25, 2009

Fred Perry

I was shopping at westfield some time back and went into a Fred Perry shop there. Fred Perry is a clothing brand from the early pre-WW2 days taking the name after the tennis player Fred Perry. Needless to say, they still stick to their roots and produce tennis wears.

Now I didn't buy any clothes that day coz I can't simply fork out 50 quids on a shirt which frankly doesn't look like it deserves that amount. It got me thinking, how much does it actually cost to produce this shirt?

Any ideas anyone?

And how does it trickle down the production chain?

How much do cotton farmers get and was it justified?

How much margin ended up with the middleman?

How much would the economy suffer in terms of jobs should middlemen in various industries slowly get pushed out of business? Does it justify cutting their share and push prices lower?

Think dude think.

Best regards,
Jing Qi Quah

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