Friday, August 17, 2007

More Namewee

Here's RPK's take on Meng Chee's Negarakuku incident. What I find most interesting are the comments, here are some.

1.Zakaria mat derus built his mansion eventhough he knows he dnt hv the proper approval or documents yet he dnt care about our malaysian law and carry on building it.
Action: false apology and some crying drama for sympathy.
Verdict: Forgiven and case close.

2.Bung mokhtar and Said insult women with nasty remark "bocor" in parlimen.
Action: False apology
Verdict: Forgiven and case close.

3.Said ask the customs enforcer officer tp "close one eye" on some timber shipment.
Action:Continue to haunt customes dept accusing them not selling him a mecerdes benz of his choice.
Verdict: still a monkey in parlimen and forgiven.

4.Baddrudin MP Jerai calls indian "keling" in parlimen.
Action:False apology
Verdict:forgiven and case close.

5.Meng chee, singing "Negara Ku" in rap.
Action: Apologize and seek forgiveness.
Verdict: Will be procecute or strip of citizenship.
Yea....... quite true.
Please explain why people like Nordin Mat Top,Hambali and few more well known terrorist figures still have a Malaysian citizenship ha?
Yes again..... quite true....

Wow - RPK,

True to form, when you are out of form.

Under the weather, and you kick up a storm.

You used 24 paragraphs, 2,176 words and 11,928 characters for the article and you summed it all up with a crisp last sentence:"Come to think of it, some of what Meng Chee said in that video is not too far from the truth."

What kind of person are you?

You need to get sick to "whack" others?

Please look at most of your commentators. I do not think they need to get sick before "whacking" the others!

What an excuse, huh?

When the Ministers in the Government of Malaysia tried to correct a wrong, you still "whack" them with your reasoning like red herring, diverting attention etc.

I think you have seen so many wrongs until you cannot figure what is corrections.

Yeah, like you said, just forgive. What the Ministers, be it from UMNO or MCA, are doing should be considered a "start" to better governance.

You agreed it is blasphemous of the rapper. To me, he is kind of "raping" the Country's National Anthem! Supposing someone is caught raping, we cannot just beat him, right? Forgive him? I think we still have to charge him in court. This is the civilise method.

Therefore, was that not the Law Minister suggested? I do not see anything wrong for a Minister in the Country trying to correct a wrong. Besides, the rapper has even admited he is in the wrong. Even a juvenile who did something wrong WILL be punished accordingly. So, he who sings has to face the music!

SEMUA tak jadi sama lu!
The above commentator clearly missed the hippies era, but well said as well. Raping the national anthem...... nice phrase...... now lets all go hump the national anthem. Here's RPK's response

Raja Petra wrote:

Dear Sajida, sebab you cakap macam budak belum sunat. Sebab tu I tahu. Allah tak marah kalau hina National Anthem. Tapi Allah marah kalau membunuh, rasuah dan menzalimi rakyat. Siapa lebih penting dan Siapa yang you lebih takut? Orang Melayu suka bergaduh sebab isu sunat macam pakai kopiah puteh semasa sembahyang lebih afdal atau tidak. Tapi makan duit rasuah takde siapa nak bincang. Lepas tu dengan duit rasuah tiap-tiap tahun buat umrah. Yang sunat tu ketepikan dulu. Selesai yang wajib dulu baru cerita pasal yang sunat. Fardu tinggal. Yang sunat dikejar. Itulah Melayu.
17/08 17:12:52

Lots more go see for yourself. This is funny hehehe.


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Namwee got new album next month..

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The issue sort of die off already, don't you think so?

How did your interview go?

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Hallo Bossy! How r u doing???

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