Friday, August 10, 2007

Let known your dissatistifaction

That is exactly the difference between Malaysian and UK residents. I've just received my free trial of Moneyweek today and guess what caught my eye. In the bottomline section on the 2nd page, here's 1 of the numbers I saw.
£110,000 How much taxpayers' money the Health and Safety Executive spent on a 140-page, year-long study of risky behaviour at amusement parks. Main findings include the fact that passengers often stick their hands above their heads on rides.

You don't have to go to university to figure out that THIS

would pose a hazard to safety.

£110,000 and you could see people complaining. Do we ever question whether there are any unnecessary projects given out by the government for our 9MP or more recently the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER)? Do we ever think what would happen if we just overbuilt without ever considering whether these infrastructures would be ever occupied.

The fact is there is absolutely no evidence of Malaysian increasing their spending and certainly no evidence of increase of disposable income. With prices going up and up do you see your salary going up and up?

Let's take some time off to think about this.


TenthOfMarch said...

hey, you ok man? I see some tension in you, especially in the "next" post. Honestly, I've been following a little on what's going on. I've read some comments on youtube and other sites and it's really sad and terrifying to read some of them. There were few comments stating they had a price on namewee's head and the family might be disturbed as well. Extremism...something that we don't need.

There are things that I really want to blog about...about what I feel but honestly, I think I better just STFU.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Yes! What to do? Eat not full,hunger not died! Life is hard! Have a nice day bossy!