Saturday, November 04, 2006

New year, new headache

It's my new academic year now and since it's my 4th year, it's pretty interesting. For once, I've begin to like what I study, and I do mean seriously like(as in love). Statistics to many may be a boring and dull subject, but hey, everyone of you out there knows that we statisticians are important!!!!

I've just got the title for my dissertation about two weeks ago and I have to admit feeling the pressure just only two weeks later. The deadline is sometime in April but there's no time to lose.

I'm thinking what can I do to help me track my progress. Well, fortunately there's this blog, so....... there's gonna be lots of academic things here. If you know what I'm writing or spot an error, please tell me...... PLEASE!!!!

My dissertation title:

Potts models, image analysis, and CFTP

CFTP stands for "Coupling from the past".

Any interested readers can use the below links for some general background on the subject.

Again, inputs are very welcomed and do drop me an email at Please if I do make an error, CORRECT ME.

General background:
Propp, J.G. and D.B. Wilson (1996). Exact sampling with coupled Markov chains and applications to statistical mechanics. Random Structures and Algorithms 9, 223-252.


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Interesting... But I don't see much blog update on your progress.